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06 Jun 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Collaborating with Other Bloggers

As a network with more than 2,500 diverse bloggers, we know there’s power in numbers. We know many of you work on projects and enjoy collaborating with other bloggers. Some ideas for blogger collaboration include a recipe round up, a group Pinterest board or pitching hosting a local blogger event.

6 Do's and Don'ts for Collaborating with Other BloggersDo’s for Blogger Collaborations

Ask for permission to use a blogger’s photo. This especially goes for round up posts like recipes and crafts. No one likes to see their work promoted without credit, so show the professional courtesy of linking back to a fellow blogger’s work.

Ask for support. Participate and reciprocate in share threads. Follow back bloggers who follow you and create Twitter lists to keep track of people who interest you.

Recommend other bloggers. Share invitations to influencer events with permission. Suggest bloggers in your niche for similar campaigns. For your blogging tribe, leep a file of your fellow bloggers media kits so you can submit them all at once.

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Meet your deadlines. Lesli Peterson with 365AtlantaFamily.com says she enjoys running blogger collaborations and round-ups posts. She also has blog contributors, so her biggest recommendation is to “follow the directions offered by the hosting blogger (and if you’re the host…please send directions.) Be thoughtful about the topic, word count, photo submissions, deadline, bios, etc. If you agreed to participate, take the extra time to review what is being asked of yoy and deliver on time.”

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Don’ts for Blogger Collaborations

Misrepresent yourself and your value. Be honest about your blog’s numbers and statistics. Keep in mind that a collaboration can help all of the bloggers involved and the overall reach.

Don’t bash other bloggers. Even if you’ve had a bad experience wither another blogger be careful about how you share that information.

Herchel Scruggs from GymCraftLaundry recently published, Let’s Collab: Find the Exact Tribe that will Skyrocket Your Blog to the Next Level, as a Kindle book.

Her advice, “Blogging is an industry built on relationships. Don’t sour a relationship out of laziness or lack of consideration. You never know where that blogger will be in the future. Who do you think hires the bloggers for network sponsored posts? Most of the time community managers are also bloggers.”

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