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29 Mar 7 Ways to Keep a Full Blog Content Calendar

With spring break and summer vacation on the horizon, we know many of our influencers are looking forward to taking time off. But how can you keep your blog content fresh while you’re away or taking time off? Keep a full content calendar with these tips you’ll want to share in your blogging tribe.

1. Brainstorm/Brain Dump:

Carve out time to write a list of topics and engaging blog post ideas that have been floating around in your head. Set a manageable goal to create 20, 50 or 100 ideas.

2. Create a blog series:

Position yourself as an expert by creating bundles of related content at one time.

One example is for food bloggers is to create a series or related recipes for an upcoming holiday.

Another example is to create a “how to organize your pantry” series. Part one could be must-have seasonings; part two could be staple products like flour, pasta, soups etc.; part three could be a reveal blog post of how you revamped your pantry.

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3. Solicit guest posts:

Ask bloggers in your niche or marketers you admire to contribute an interesting blog post.

Guest blogging is a win-win. The guest contributor gets to reach your audience and will likely promote the post. You get free content and help driving traffic to your post.

4. Create a blog post template:

For product reviews, tutorials, recipes and other blog formats you usually use – create an easy to use template.

Instead of starting each blog post from scratch, your template can make sure you cover all the bases and fulfill a brand’s requirements for sponsored posts.

5. Conduct Expert Interviews

As a respected professional in your niche to answer a series of engaging and timely questions.

If you interview more than one expert, feature all of their expertise in a round-up blog post.

6. Hire a virtual assistant:

For as little as $5 per task on Fiverr you can hire someone to create content, share it and even edit videos.

7. Dictate Your Blog Posts

Using the microphone on your smart phone, dictate blog posts content into the WordPress App or a note-taking app like, Evernote.

Instead of writing lists into your planner or a notebook, it’s easier to have the content in a format you can just format, then publish.

Comment below: How do you ensure you have a full content calendar plan for your blog? What’s your secret to keeping it full of ideas, yet leaving space for newsworthy or trending content?

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