21 Nov How to Use Your Blog for Social Good

Blog for Social Good


As the year comes to a close and we move towards the holiday season, there’s plenty to be thankful for.  As influencers we are invited to amazing events and conferences, we get to review innovative products and take part in Niche Parent sponsored campaigns. This is also the season to think about  how to use your blog for social good. How can your influence help others who are less fortunate? Is their a community,  nation-wide or international effort you can explore on your blog?  Our Niche Parent Community Members showed us some of the ways they give back!

Profile Causes & Awareness Months

Jana from Merlot Mommy says,  “With so much negative information and misinformation available on the internet, it feels good to be able to spread a useful message or relevant information through the blog and social media.” For National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Jana shared a story of personal loss from her extended family. Dawn from Cheap is the New Classy participated in the ALS bucket challenge by donating instead of dumping ice on her head. Daphne from Mushy Mama shared her personal story of delivering and losing premature twins for prematurity awareness month.

Brands also create campaigns to support a charity or non-profit organization. Follow their Twitter feeds this holiday season. Retweet their links or connect with them on Twitter to ask how you can get involved.

Donate Your Time

Non-profits and charities often need help creating a digital presence. Your expertise as an influencer can be valuable to them.

Offer to manage or set-up social media profiles. Create a training manual or course for their marketing team.

Share charity events and fundraising efforts on your blog, Facebook page and Twitter.


Holiday Gift Guides

Consider creating a category in your holiday gift guide for gifts that benefit a charity or the underprivileged. For example, Macy’s Heart of Haiti supports the country’s artisans by paying them 50% of the sale price for their hand-made crafts. Write a profile blog post of the effort or review the goods Haitian artists create.

Create a round-up or link up with other influencers who are supporting holiday gifts that give back.

Comment below: How has your audience reacted when you used your blog for social good? How did it make you feel to donate your time and your voice to a cause?

Daphne from Mushy Mamma says, “I actually got a great response from my audience through people sharing their personal stories, people sharing my post on their personal social networks and through donations.  My blog traffic always increases significantly when I write these types of post especially when I include very personal elements.”

Joyce Brewer

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