22 May Collective Bias Partners With Niche Mommy Conference!

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We are thrilled to announce that Collective Bias has entered into an exclusive partnership with The Niche Mommy Network & Conference  for the Niche Mommy Conference 2012!  

If you have been following us on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve heard us talk about some big news we’ve been dying to share with all of you.  Let me tell you how hard its been to keep a secret, especially an awesome one like this!

So finally, here is the scoop! As we mentioned before, we have been planning a workshop style agenda for the #NicheMommy12 conference.  We understand that you attend conferences to network, learn, and engage with your community. We planned on offering hands-on workshops to compliment our sessions, and give our attendees an opportunity to really practice the skills that are necessary to elevate their blogs.  Although we had not yet finished our agenda, we did a sessions sneak peek a few weeks ago to highlight some of our workshops.

Well, just so happens that Collective Bias has been developing a blogger education program called Social Fabric® University (SFU).  Until now, these workshops were designed for Collective Bias’s Social Fabric community.  As a result of this partnership, Collective Bias will officially launch SFU at Niche Mommy!   Collective Bias will conduct SFU branded workshops catered to the blogger profession.  The curriculum will offer relevant workshops designed for developing and advanced skill levels.


You have probably seen the hashtag #cbias on Twitter. Or maybe you have been lucky enough to hear #Cbias’s Chief Social Marketing Officer, Ted Rubin speak about Return on Relationships. But in case you haven’t, Collective Bias is  a leading social shopper media company that consists of a community of 1,700 Social Fabric on-line publishers.


Both The Niche Mommy and Collective Bias’s core mission is to support the growth and diversity of online content creators making this partnership a natural fit.  We are absolutely thrilled about this partnership and the doors that it will open for all of you!  To read more about this partnership and some of our confirmed speakers, check out the official press release here.  Be sure to spread the word and share in our excitement!

To officially launch SFU at Niche Mommy, Collective Bias will conduct SFU branded workshops catered to the blogger profession.

See you in New Orleans! 

More about Collective Bias

Collective Bias™ drives retail sales through the coordinated creation of social media stories. Its Social Fabric® influencers connect with the brands and retailers they use in their daily lives to drive conversations on a wide variety of social media platforms. Their stories build consumer engagement and brand loyalty, ultimately leading to sales conversion. Social Fabric University is an online program for the Social Fabric community that offers continuing education opportunities. For more information, visit http://www.collectivebias.com 

Nadia Jones

Nadia is the CEO & Owner of The Network Niche Influencer Agency. Nadia has over 8 years of social media marketing experience connecting bloggers and online influencers to brands. She’s been named an “innovator” and “game changer” by her peers for leading the way in how brands connect to diverse and multicultural bloggers.

  • Jen @ BigBinder
    Posted at 08:31h, 22 May

    That is awesome!! I’ve been a member of CB for three years and I love it, what an exciting partnership!

  • April Decheine
    Posted at 12:36h, 23 May

    I love the CB community, this is a great partnership indeed!

  • Li
    Posted at 16:25h, 23 May

    Congrats !!!! This is awesome!

    I love CB and am proud to have been part of it for so long!


    • admin
      Posted at 23:57h, 24 May

      The CB community IS awesome! Thanks, everyone!