07 Jun Dear Niche Mommy…Did you say only minorities can attend your conference?

The Niche Mommy Network receives email everyday from potential network members, conference attendees and brands.  We thought we would share an email (in its original form) we received this week  with the permission of the sender (who will remain anonymous) and our response back.

Dear Niche Mommy,

Hi! 🙂 My name is “Just Wondering” and I’m a blogger from [the Midwest]. I’m thrilled that there is an upcoming conference in my neck of the woods (or closer than NY and CA, at least), but when I was talking about it in a group I’m in, I saw some things that kind of confused me. A very influential blogger/social media expert stated that the brands at this conference are looking for diversity. 

As a non-christian, lesbian blogger from the Midwest, I’ve always considered myself as one that doesn’t really fit “in the box” that many conferences put us in, so I was excited to hear about yours. However, upon asking for clarification, this blogger said they were basically looking for non-white bloggers to work with. This made a lot of other bloggers in the group say “Oh, wow, okay then I won’t be going”. If this is the case, I don’t want to show up and be out of my element, or waste time and money trying to work with brands that are looking for non-white bloggers, considering I’m so white I glow in the dark. 🙂 I live in the inner-city. My kids are a minority at their school. We have friends that are from many walks of life. So, I’ve always considered myself diverse, like I said, but now I’m not so sure if I’d fit at your conference. Anyway, sorry for rambling, just wanted to see if this conference would be a good fit for me or not.

“Just Wondering”
To clarify to our audience and yours we would like to share our response to “Just Wondering”.  

Dear “Just Wondering”,

I am so glad you emailed me! I am truly sorry [about the misunderstanding]  regarding what brands are looking for at diversity conferences. It’s not true that [at our conference] a brand will not want to work with you because you are white.  Brands consider a number of factors when looking to work with a blogger but the truth is, a good fit is a good fit, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, etc. A brand that would not work with a blogger only because she does not meet a race category is not a brand we would want at our conference! 
Based on what you told me, you certainly are the definition of diverse! We define diversity in so many ways, not just by color.  
You are more than welcome and I hope you will attend! 
Thank you! 
The Niche Mommy team, sponsors, and speakers look forward to embracing diversity at the Niche Mommy Conference 2012 with everyone, regardless of color. Spread the word. 
Nadia Jones

Nadia is the CEO & Owner of The Network Niche Influencer Agency. Nadia has over 8 years of social media marketing experience connecting bloggers and online influencers to brands. She’s been named an “innovator” and “game changer” by her peers for leading the way in how brands connect to diverse and multicultural bloggers.

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  • Meagan P - Sunshine and Sippy Cups
    Posted at 13:37h, 12 June

    Thank you for clarifying this further 🙂 I was also in the group where this discussion took place, and had taken this conference off of my list of events to attend, since it was mentioned that diverse would only include people who were not white. I had been really disappointed, and thought that it made things very much NOT diverse, if all races of bloggers were included – except the one category that I’m in.

    I know that there were many bloggers who had also felt that they wouldn’t be very welcome here, and were also disappointed… I’m glad to know that the blogger who had given us this information that a diversity conference is only intended for certain races was mistaken!

    Thanks for the update 🙂