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26 Dec 9 End of the Year Tasks for Bloggers

As we round out the end of a calendar year, many influencers are consumed with creating holiday themed content. Holiday Gift Guide feature request may flood your inbox. End of the year school events are demanding. Where will you eat for the holidays with your family? Although you may feel overwhelmed, remember to step back. Take a look at these end of the year tasks for bloggers we recommend. They’ll help you reflect back and plan ahead for the coming year.

1. Talk to a tax expert or accountant. If you can schedule or call with meeting with a tax expert you trust before the end of the year, the easier it will be at tax time. Many influencers are also freelancers who need 1099 from past clients to properly finish their income taxes.

2. Review your blog’s traffic. Take a look at your Google Analytics to see which posts did well for search in the previous year. You social stats, like Pinterest analytics, can show you which pins performed best. Consider turning a high traffic post into an ebook, download, e-course or printable to build your list.

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3. Plan for next year’s blogging conferences.

4. Write a Year in Review Post. Allow yourself to step back and review what you’ve experienced in the last year of blogging. Much of what you’ve experienced may not be on your blog. Look back at your Instagram feed, Tumblr or tweets. Create a photo slideshow, YouTube video or host an Instagram live to reflect back on your year. Think ahead to what you’d like to accomplish personally and professionally in the year ahead.

5. Update your stats & media kit, LinkedIn and About Page. All of your social media profiles need a refresher before the new year.  If you’re planning a new series or theme on your blog, announce it on your profile and About Page.

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About Me Page6. Pitch next year’s ambassadorships. With help from your Year in Review post and updated social profiles, consider which of your interests would make an ideal blog ambassadorship for next year.

7. Budget for a blog redesign. A new year often brings a new look. Freshen up your blog’s design in the new year.  Do you want a photo slider or new logo? Is it time for new colors and branding?

Look at your blog’s sidebars. Remember to add The Network Niche community member badge to your sidebar or footer. Choose a design that works for your new updated look.

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8. Join and form Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool. Tribes on Tailwind allow you to join forces with other influencers who agree to share each other’s content on Pinterest. Join like-minded tribes or form your own.

9. Consider hiring an assistant and outsourcing tasks. One of the best ways to grow as a blogger is to outsource tasks you’re not good at or take up too much of your time. Hiring a virtual assistant or VA is one way to lighten your load. Fiverr even allows you to hire people to compete tasks for as little as $5.

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Comment below: What is your must-do task to complete for the end of the year?

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9 End of the Year Tasks for Bloggers

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