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18 Jul Everything You Need to Know About Creating Evergreen Content 

One way to work smarter, not harder as a content creator is by making sure your blog posts are getting views without a ton of self-promotion. That’s where evergreen content comes to save the day! It’s rich with information and gets shared regularly by others who recognize it’s significance. We’ll walk you through promoting and creating evergreen content for your blog.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Evergreen ContentWhat is an Evergreen Blog Post?

Evergreen blog content is information your audience will find relevant any time of the year.

For example, if someone visits your blog for the first time and finds a guide to organizing their kitchen they’re likely to share it year-round because it’s a typical struggle.

Holiday and occasion content is also evergreen because you can use it over and over when those special days around.

Once you optimize an evergreen blog post for search engine optimization (SEO) it can bring traffic to your blog with very little effort by you.

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Yoast SEO

Types of Evergreen Blog Post Ideas

Expert Interviews

Tips, Tutorials and Guides

Round-up Ideas

Checklists and Packing Lists

Product & Book Reviews

Where Can You Find Evergreen Blog Post Ideas?

Google Analytics

Twitter Trends

Press releases


News Media & Magazines

Infographics & Visual Content

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Re-Share and Update Evergreen Content

Include “occasion content” like back to school themes and summer travel ideas in your newsletter.

The Evergreen Post Retweeter plugin allows you to automate tweets to send to your Twitter feed. For example, if you create a category for “winter content” during winter months you can change the settings to tweet out those relevant posts five times a day.

Another option for a social share plugin to promote evergreen content is Tweet Old Post/Revive Old Post:  “This plugin helps you keep your old posts alive by automatically sharing them and driving more traffic to them from Social Networks. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set sharing interval and number of posts to share to drive more traffic.”

When new research, techniques or tools come out – update your related evergreen blog post content.

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Back to School Blog Post Ideas

Evergreen Blog Post Ideas

We’ve created daily blog post ideas for certain months and times of the year.

30+ Back to School Blog Post Ideas | 31 Winter Travel Blog Post Ideas | 31  Blog Post Prompts for July

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