27 Apr 6 Ways to Fix Old Blog Posts

Fix Old Blog Posts

For anyone who’s been blogging for several years, you may look back at your old blog posts and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Did you know how to research keywords back then? Were your photographs too small, poorly lit or out of focus? So much has changed in the blogosphere in the last few years. Photography and SEO are more important than ever for traffic.  With a little work, you can go back to fix old blog posts. This can be a difficult, lengthy process.  You may want to start by updated  your most popular blog posts – first. Or hire someone to take on the task of optimizing your old blog posts.

How to Fix Old Blog Posts

1. Update your keywords. If you started blogging by properly using an SEO plugin like Yoast, you’re in luck. The plugin gives you an SEO checklist. It helps you target a keyword, use it several times throughout your blog post and even feature the keyword in your URL. Old blog posts may need a second look to make sure they’re optimized to meet all the

2. Change the URL for SEO purposes. Plugins like Redirection are designed to make sure that if you change the URL to a post. Instead of visitors finding an empty of dead link, your visitors will be redirected properly to the new URL.

3. Improved photography. Many new bloggers start creating content without using a professional camera, so their photos may not be up to par. If you have a blog post with great content and lackluster photos, don’t be afraid to take the photographs again. Even stock photos can help breathe new life into a poorly photographed blog post.

4. Create pinnable images. Have you been blogging since before Pinterest existed? Clearer, labeled photos have a better chance of being shared on Pinterest. Thanks to the improved photography mentioned above, you can a new featured image, edit/update it on Pinterest, as well as add it up new Pinterest boards. We have even more suggestions on how to build Pinterest traffic to your blog.

5. Embed related YouTube videos and Instagram photos.  Look at your YouTube video list and see if there are related videos to topics you’ve covered on your blog. Embedding YouTube video or an Instagram photo can increase your credibility as an expert. For even more ways to get traffic from YouTube, read how to maximize the YouTube description box.

YouTube Description Box Characters

6. Deep link with related posts. Go back into your dashboard and look at some of your early blog posts. Link together similar or related blog posts. Are all of your recipes linked together? Chances are if someone likes one of your recipes, they’ll like another. Keep readers on your blog longer by showing them your related content.

Once your most popular blog posts are fixed, reshare them on all of your social media channels. Don’t forget to update your blogger bio as well. Include your new ambassadorships. press tours and projects.

Blogger Bio

Comment below: Which blogs posts would you like to fix first? How can you create time in your schedule to fix your old blog posts?

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