Summary of notable Niche Parent Network & Conference press mentions below.

Press Releases

April 13, 2014  Niche Parent 2014 Partners with Eventcrowd to Take Conference to Disney

August 12, 2013 Niche Parent 2013 Announces Partnership With Leading Cross-Cultural Marketing Agency

May 22, 2012  Collective Bias Partners with The Niche Mommy Network & Conference in Support of Continuing Education and Diversity of Blogger Community

July 31, 2012  The Niche Mommy Conference Announces Workshop-Style Agenda Featuring Stellar Keynote Lineup 

August 20, 2012  Louisiana Bloggers Network – Niche Mommy Conference

Notable Social Media Mentions

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CafeMomStudios: CafeMom Election correspondent Lindsay Ferrier moderated a panel about politics at the Niche Mommy Conference on August 25 in New Orleans. The diverse group of mom bloggers talked about how moms can get more involved politically and some of the barriers keeping them from being more vocal about their political leanings.

Recap & Highlight video by Emmy winning creative directorJeff Funk  of

Excitement builds as Denise Mitchell, attendee, heads to #NicheMommy12 conference.

Ronny Mason, It Starts With YOU! shares what he will discuss during his session at the Niche Mommy Conference.  Are YOU ready?

Annie Shultz, the creator behind the super popular blog,, shares how she will help bloggers increase blog traffic and all the tools that can help maximize traffic on their blog.

Video by– blogger and collaborator of a community that helps cultivate and support Latina mothers on-line and offline.