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03 Aug Member Spotlight: Herchel Scruggs of Gym Craft Laundry

This insightful member profile features our community member, Herchel Scruggs, who checked in with us at BlogHer17 in Orlando where The Network Niche was a media partner. Herchel created Gym Craft Laundry as a space for active families like hers. The wife and mom of two lives in Florida, recently wrote a book about collaborations and is consistently gaining more social media clients.

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Herchel Scruggs

Tell us about a typical work day as a blogger. What time do you stop/start your work day?
During the summer, I blog when I can! Lately, I’ve been updating posts and pinning late at night.
My work routine is much better during the school year. Immediately after dropping the kids off at school, I log onto my computer and post/engage in my Facebook groups. Networking and helping others is a large part of why I love what I do.

How did you grow your blog’s traffic? What strategies worked best? I like to say that I’m like the tortoise. I haven’t been blessed with “virals.” Instead I plod along, creating content, and engaging with my readers and other bloggers. Blogging is a marathon. I’ve stayed consistent and my traffic has consistently grown. Taking the Learn to Blog SEO courses and implementing those strategies have had the biggest impact on my traffic. I used to be completely at the mercy of Pinterest’s algorithms. Now with 30% of my traffic coming organically from Google and 40% coming from Pinterest, I am in a much more stable traffic place. My audience uses the internet like I do–to quickly find a solution to a problem or to learn how to do something.

How does your blog stand out among other parenting and lifestyle bloggers? How did you find your voice? I’m “practically crunchy.” I want the best for my family but my time is also valuable. I meld convenience and crunchiness in a way that works for my family. Other moms who also struggle to balance health and wellness with their busy schedules find my tips “do-able.”

Gym Craft Laundry Kids

What has been your favorite brand partnership and why? I love working with Proctor and Gamble because they give me the freedom to get their message out in a way that fits my brand and my audience’s interest. Too often, brands have so many requirements and “must-includes” that the blogger’s voice is drowned out.

What’s your “dream” brand partnership? I’d love to partner with the Disney Cruise line.

How have you integrated video and live streaming into your content strategy? Video and live streaming are a new territory for me. Publishing my tribe book was a huge goal this year and live streaming has allowed my tribe and my groups to get to know me better.

What’s the next big project you’re working on? I’m working on another book and have taken on a few coaching clients.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years? I see myself growing with the industry. I’d also like to work with small businesses and start-ups to educate them on how working with professional bloggers can have a big impact on their business–and by “work with” I actually mean hiring for money (not $6 toys.) The companies that pay their bloggers and give them the freedom to create content that works best with their audiences give the bloggers a reason to be loyal brand ambassadors. That kind of loyalty and genuine regard for a brand comes across to the readers. 

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