14 Sep Member Spotlight: Jana Seitzer of Merlot Mommy

Jana Seitzer of Merlot Mommy is one of our West coast community members.  The married mom of four flies from coast to coast covering Disney events, movie premieres and interviewing celebrities. When she’s home in Portland, Oregon Jana loves to cook with her family and recently participated in our sponsored campaign with Uncle Ben’s Rice for Ben’s Beginners.  Yes, her blog’s name shows her love for wine. But she’s also a designer and freelance photographer. Keep an eye on Jana’s Instagram profile to see where she’s headed next.

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The Network Niche Member Spotlight: Jana Seitzer of Merlot Mommy
What inspired you to start a blog? How would you describe your blog niche?
I started blogging in 2010 doing greeting cards when I was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I decided I hated the minutia of outlining all those details and shifted focus to wine and lifestyle in 2012. I’ve been a travel and lifestyle blogger for the last few years and love it. The flexibility of covering topics like entertainment as part of my brand make me so happy.
Tell us about a typical work day as a blogger. What time do you stop/start your work day?
There isn’t much that is typical about my work day, and that’s part of what I love about it! When I work from home, I try to work hours while my kids are at school and when they go to bed, but because I work for myself, I can go to lunch or coffee with friends, run errands, or hit the gym or spa when I want to.
The Network Niche Member Spotlight: Jana Seitzer of Merlot Mommy
What’s the best & worst part of traveling for blogger opportunities?
The worst part is living out of a suitcase. That gets old when it’s a continuous thing. The best part is experiencing the world for work, and even better yet is when I get to do it with my family.


Why did you join The Network Niche? What has been your favorite brand partnership with our influencer network and why?
I joined The Network Niche back before their brand change from Niche Parent right after I started blogging more consistently, maybe around 2012. I was looking to learn more and grow. I went to their conference in Orlando in 2014 and made so many great connections.
Describe your “dream” brand partnership?
I have a lot of dream partnerships. Travel companies are always on that list. I’d love to do more work with my favorite airline, Alaska Airlines, and more work with some cruise companies.
What’s the next big project you’re working on? What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?
I have multiple unfinished projects. I should probably finish one or two. I have a video series on media kits and productivity tools that I really need to wrap up and get out the door.
If someone wrote your biography, what would be the title?
“Though she was little, she was fierce;” it would probably be something related to a Shakespeare play or quote.
Where do you see yourself and your blog in 5-10 years?
World domination? Kidding. Who knows. The industry has been changing so rapidly, maybe I’ll only be speaking or designing, or maybe I’ll own a media empire.
What’s your favorite spot to visit in your city and why?
Portland has some incredible coffee shops. In fact, you can take a coffee tour and learn all about different brew methods. If I’m not there? You’ll find me in a hideaway with some bourbon or a glass of wine in hand.
As a designer, we asked for Jana’s insight on 5 Tips for Best Blogger Business Cards.
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