24 Sep Monday Member Spotlight – Amber Ortega

Amber Ortega , Content Creator and Social Media Rockstar, was born in Terceira, Azores, a little island off the coast of Portugal.  She has lived in Albuquerque, NM most of her life though! Amber is the owner of Ninja Media LLC and author of Thriftyninja.net.  She connects with her readers through various topics, including health, beauty, fashion, technology, community and the cultural aspects of being a Latina in today’s world.  She has gained a steady following, thanks to many years she spent writing for a number of Internet-based companies, which include Mahalo.com, Kidglue.com, KidGalore.com, Twirlit.com, RealTVaddict.com, ChaCha.com and MySpace.com  Her websites and topics have helped her reach a nation-wide audience.  It is this expansion that has helped her form partnerships with many nationally-known brands, to help companies reach potential customers.

Niche Mommy (NM): What influenced you to start blogging and why?
Amber Ortega (AO): I began working for a search engine and learned the ins and outs of SEO.  After leaving that company, many of the people I had worked with were working for various blogs and needed writers.  I started writing for them and soon realized I wanted to have my own site.

NM: What’s your cure for writer’s block?
AO: I get writer’s block all the time!  I normally search news websites or pick up a magazine to help me think of ideas on things to write about.  If I find a news article that I am very passionate about, I can knock out an article about it pretty quickly and get back in the “zone” for writing.

NM: What on your resume are you most proud of?
AO: I am proud of my current website.  I built it from the ground up and this year finally became an LLC.  It is amazing to think back to the beginning and how far I’ve come.  I’ve used all the skills I learned through ALL of my jobs to get me where I am today.

NM: What are your hobbies?
AO: Honestly, most of my time is spent online.  I try to do a lot with my family, but spend a lot of my “free” time doing work for the ABQ West Chamber of Commerce and non-profit Dream BIG.  When I do need to unwind and just relax, I do love shopping and have a slight addiction to shoes.

NM: What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
AO: I don’t know if there is much I have done that is “dangerous”…I mean, I had three kids, if that isn’t living life on the edge, I don’t know what is!

NM: Why did you join The Niche Mommy Network?
AO: I joined Niche Mommy to network with a group of diverse bloggers.  We are all unique, but share a common interest and passion.  When we come together and help each other, we make each other stronger, better and more powerful.

NM: What’s on your bucket list?
AO: I haven’t really thought about it.  I’d love to go back to Portugal and see where I was born!

NM: Where are you going on vacation in 2012?
AO: Anywhere!  We haven’t been on a vacation…ever.  I’d love to go with my husband to Vegas because he’s never been….but I’d love to take the kids to California.  They’ve never been out of the state.

NM: If you were a hero, what would your special power be?
AO: Well, I am already a Ninja….so I mean, I already kick butt…..and I do it in heels!  If I could have a special power though, it would be to fly.  I hate traffic and always have so much running around to do, I’d love to be able to just fly to anywhere I wanted to go.

NM: If you were transformed into any animal what would it be?
AO: I would be an Eagle.  They carry many of the leadership qualities I think all true leaders should have.  They have excellent vision, aren’t scared of a big storm, always find their own prey in addition to being very attentive to their young.  Not to mention, who messes with an Eagle?!

NM: Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
AO: Uuummmmm…….the egg?

NM: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring?
AO: Oh my, on an island I wouldn’t have signal, so I guess my phone and Touchpad are out, right?  Geez.  Okay, I would need a hair brush, a knife and a bucket!  Notice, hair brush I first, I would go crazy without brushing my hair!  A knife because it can be used for so many things….and a bucket so I could easily gather food/water/etc.

NM: Mac or PC?
AO: PC, I get so confused when I try to use a Mac!

Connect with Amber at @thriftyninja, on Facebook , and on YouTube she would love to hear from you!

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