15 Oct Monday Member Spotlight – Krystel Spell

Krystel Spell, born and raised in Long Island, NY,  is the creator of www.ArmyWife101.com  and www.Randomnista.com. She is also the Co-creator of www.TodaysMilitarySpouseMedia.com. Krystel begin blogging in 2009 to reach out to other military spouses like herself and with the mil-spouse blog community being so small has quickly become the go to girl for companies wishing to reach the military sector.  Krystel was recently voted Best Local Blogger in Fayetteville/Fort Bragg NC home of the 2nd largest military base in the country and has served as a Sears Outlet Mom Brand Ambassador, About One Mom Panelist and is a Lifetime Moms Contributor and Vlogger.  She is also a blogger for MyMilitarySavings.com  and has appeared on ]on MSNBC, FOX LA and in the Associated Press along with various other news outlets. Her latest projects include working with Toyota as a member of TWIN (Toyota Women Influencers Network) a Lifelock Brand Ambassador and with Brawny Paper Towels on their Wounded Warrior campaign. When Krystel wants to blog about everyday life she turns to her newest creation www.randomnista.com.

With all that said, believe it or not, Krystel actually wanted to be an Art Buyer like Whitley Gilbert on the TV show “A Different World” needless to say life definitely took a different world and had other plans for her.

Niche Mommy (NM): What influenced you to start blogging and why?
Krystel Spell (KS): I started blogging during my husband’s 2nd deployment to Iraq as a way to pass the time. I eventually started taking questions from other military spouses in my situation and hence the Army Wife 101 Blog/Community was born. I love the fact that I can randomly write something and somewhere out there a person understands exactly what I am going through or thinking.

NM: What’s your cure for writer’s block?
KS: When I run out of things to write about I do videos, surprisingly I always find something to talk about if I don’t have to write about it.

NM: What on your resume are you most proud of?
KS: A year or so ago I could only dream of speaking at Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Conference. Being asked to speak at that same conference this year on Marketing and conquering my fear of public speaking was something I am so proud to have added to my resume. In addition I had a chance to interview actress Queen Latifah and while I am sure there is more I could add it was one of the best experiences of my life.

NM: What are your hobbies?
KS: Trying out new restaurants, spur of the moment weekend getaways and watching Youtube videos… oh and talking my husband’s ears off!

NM: What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
KS: I avoid danger at all costs if I can.

NM: Why did you join The Niche Mommy Network?
KS: I was looking to join a network of diverse smart and creative bloggers and when a fellow friend and blogger told me about Niche Mommy I almost immediately went and signed up.

NM: What’s on your bucket list?
KS: If nothing else I want to visit the Dordogne of France and visit the legendary Josephine Baker’s home Le Milande.

NM: Where are you going on vacation in 2012?
KS: I am done with traveling for 2012 but I did go on an all girls cruise to Mexico this past March and had an incredible time.

NM: If you were a hero, what would your special power be?
KS: The ability to turn into a fly on the wall so I could hear conversations without being noticed. I know I am not the only one!

NM: If you were transformed into any animal what would it be?
KS: A cute little puppy, so some loving owner could pamper me.

NM: Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
KS: The egg but I totally just confused myself when I thought about it hehe!

NM: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring? 
KS: My cell phone, my laptop and my salted party peanuts.

NM: Mac or PC?
KS: It’s no question that we are MAC junkies over here.

Connect with Krystel on @Armywives101,  Facebook, and on YouTube she would love to hear from you!

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Nadia Jones

Nadia is the CEO & Owner of The Network Niche Influencer Agency. Nadia has over 8 years of social media marketing experience connecting bloggers and online influencers to brands. She’s been named an “innovator” and “game changer” by her peers for leading the way in how brands connect to diverse and multicultural bloggers.

  • Tyesha
    Posted at 13:32h, 15 October

    Great feature! I love Krystel and we met several years back while being stationed in Hawaii. She is one of my closes friend as well as a blogging buddy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is very humble and down to earth and is actually one of the reasons I ever started blogging. She has such a kind spirit and always willing to be a helping hand.

  • Shelly
    Posted at 15:05h, 15 October

    I love this! Krystel is one of my best blogging buds and has so much to offer. I love how down-to-earth she is. I am really enjoying the Q&A and chuckling over here 🙂

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