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23 Apr Niche Mommy Spotlight – Aisha Green


Aisha Greene, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, is an attorney and co-owner of Hartlyn Kids Media, LLC, an independent children’s book publishing company.  Aisha graduated with a BA in Sociology and immediately entered law school at the ripe age of 22.  Upon graduation from law school, she worked at a top New York City law firm doing finance work and now she manages a department at another New York City firm.  In addition to maintaining her legal career, she is co-founder and co-owner of a newly created independent children’s books publishing company that aims to teach children to travel the globe…one book at a time, through a multicultural reading experience.

Let’s find out more about Aisha!

Niche Mommy (NM): What’s on your resume that makes you proud? 
Aisha Greene (AG): I am proud that I graduated from law school and passed the New York City bar on the first time.  I am proud that my publishing business printed two books last year and went into business. Starting my own business was a dream come true for myself and my business partner. We had a vision of publishing children’s books that were written by authors from different countries that talked the day in the life of a child in that country. We also wanted to give children that read the books the experience of TRAVELING while reading. We accomplished this by including passport stickers at the back of each book and we also sell passports on our website, Last August, we started selling books online!

NM: When did you start blogging and why?
AG: I started blogging with my friend Christine in 2010 because we were both fairly new mothers and wanted to share the experiences we were having finding cultural activities for our daughters in our hometown. Our idea was to travel the globe… one activity at a time and really experience our cities. We thought it would be nice to encourage other parents to take advantage of resources in their cities and also get ideas from other people about ways that we could “travel” for cheap right at home. The idea expanded and last year we started a publishing company!

Aisha Green Hartlyn Kids

NM: What woman inspires you? 
AG: My mom for sure. She inspired me by working hard so I could fulfill my dreams! How could I NOT work hard when my mother spent years in a job she disliked just to be sure I went to school! I love that woman.

NM: What do you think is your biggest hurdle? 
AG: Standing in my own way. I can often defeat myself with fear of failure. I hate to disappoint my family, my friends, myself. I think I would have owned my own business long ago if I was not so concerned about fear. As I get older, I am learning to let go of some of the fear, that is why I am so proud of Hartlyn Kids and the next phases for it.

NM: How do you spend your free time?
AG: Playing with my daughter at the park.

NM: What is next for you? 
AG: To see Hartlyn Kids in local bookstores. Early this year we started a relationship with a distributor and it would be a great accomplishment to have them sold in stores nationwide!

We are so happy to have Aisha as part of the Niche Mommy Network!  Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Aisha!

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