Moms in New Orleans

04 Sep #NicheMommy12: You Learned, You Ate, You Inspired!

Moms in New Orleans

It has been almost ten days since Niche Mommy 2012 and the tweets, emails, and messages continue to come in.  We still can’t believe that we were the second trending topic on Twitter, two days in a row!!   That was just super awesome. Since we have been home unwinding and reflecting, its been great to read and receive the many positive responses.   We have also been making our way through all of your posts.   By the looks of things, it sounds like everyone had a great time!  You enjoyed the conference, New Orleans, and the hotel.  Key messages we are taking away from your posts is that you learned a lot from our workshop leaders, you felt empowered by the sessions, you thought the food was “ah-mazing,” and you left the weekend feeling inspired by each other.

Favorite Quotes

Some of our favorite quotes include Ghada, from Mama Goes BAM,  summing up the conference in one word– “inspiring.”  Thank you, Ghada!

“If I had to sum up The Niche Mommy Conference in one word, I would have to say inspiring. Every night (after either beignets and coffee or Nichetinis and Hurricane beverages on Bourbon Street with my fellow bloggers) I went back to my room and wrote out ideas and plans for Mama goes BAM for the coming year as well as action plans for how to implement them. “ – Ghada, Mama Goes BAM

Teresa, from Making it All Work, called Niche Mommy 12 “the best conference [she] has attended to date.”  — Wow!!

“All in All this was the best conference I have attended to date. What they have created with the Niche Mommy conference is so much more than just a professional blogger conference. The quality that was achieved from the speakers, to the sessions, to the food, to the connections was far greater than I could have ever imagined. Realizing that Quality is soooo much more important than Quantity, makes the Niche Mommy Conference way ahead of the pack.” –  Teresa Foskey of Making It All Work


Photo by Eva Smith,

Recap video from Jeff Funk of Brand Dynamite

The Mingling & Winning

We started the weekend off with a cocktail reception on Thursday evening where many of you connected or reconnected with each other. We ended with a delicious brunch on Sunday morning, mimosas and all.  We watched as many of you gave hugs and kisses and promised to stay in touch. In between Thursday and Sunday, there was networking taking place and of course, some fun in and around the French Quarter.   You also had a chance to meet and mingle with our sponsors and many of you won some great prizes.  Thanks to the folks at Britax, many of you took home some huge prizes -new strollers, infant seats, and so much more.   We were thrilled to see that Britax was also trending during the conference as well!

What is Britax

We kept a watchful eye on Tropical Storm Issac as it made its way through the Caribbean ultimately strengthening into a category 1 hurricane. When we arrived to New Orleans Wednesday, the weather could not have been more perfect.  Not too hot or muggy and not a cloud in the sky. We knew that it was just the calm before the storm, literally.   Post conference, we checked in on all our friends, new and old, heading home or whose homes are in or around the Gulf Coast. We are relieved to hear that everyone made it through the storm.

Now that 2012 is behind us, stay tuned as we announce news about 2013.   Also, we will be sending out our conference survey in the next week.  We look forward to your honest feedback and implementing your suggestions.  In case you missed our announcement, we plan to be in New Orleans again as the city was so welcoming and gracious and you all loved it!  Works for us!

#NicheMommy12 Post Recaps

For some fun recaps and more pictures, please check out some of these great posts from a few of our attendees.   Enjoy!

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Nadia Jones

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