28 Oct 6 Ways to Make Old Blog Content New Again

Old Blog Content

Don’t let the daily demands of creating new blog content make you feel overwhelmed.  You have something in your arsenal that can help – your old content! Think of your old blogging content as an outfit in the back of your closet and if you wore it once in awhile, you’d get a ton of compliments.  Content creating experts, Lorraine C. Ladish and Ella Rucker drove this point home on their Niche Parent Conference Panel:  “Don’t kill yourself trying to write new content, you can repurpose, repackage and republish.” Follow these steps to refresh your old blog content, get a traffic boost and showcase your expertise.

Share Old Content

  1. Reshare old posts on social media. For posts that are more than a year old, a Facebook share, tweet or +1 on Google Plus can expose it to a new audience. Share it and see what happens. It may be old content to you, but it’s new to your audience.”
  2. Create a new Pinterest image and re-pin the post. If you’ve been blogging for a few years, before Pinterest became popular, look back at your old content and create an image or photo collage. Add it to a new Pinterest board or a group Pinterest board to get more views.
  3. Shoot an Instagram or YouTube video for two cool benefits. First, use the new video to tell your audience about the old content you created and why they should check it out. Leave a link in your YouTube description box. For Instagram, change the link in your profile to the old blog post. Second, embed the video in your blog post and it’ll look fresh, new and different.
  4. Change the publish date on your old blog post. Edit your old post in WordPress, change the publish date to today or a date this week so that it can appear on your home page with your newer content. New readers will see it.
  5. Add new keywords and tags. Look at your Google Analytics or traffic plugin to see what keywords are bringing traffic to your blog. Add them to an old blog post to re-optimize for SEO. Remember to reshare the post on Google+ when you do.
  6. Link your old post to a newer, related popular post. For example, if you have a popular recipe that’s getting tons of repins and traffic, edit the post and link it to an older review post of a product for a related topic, like a kitchen appliance.

Comment below: Are there any other ways you’ve repurposed old blog content? What worked best? How did your audience react?

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Joyce Brewer

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  • Vinayak SP
    Posted at 12:50h, 12 May

    This is a great idea to rewrite your old posts ,as a result it will make your posts SEO friendly and will keep your blog/domain away from Google Panda update Penalty. I do this once in awhile, I thought about going through some of the older ones that I believe would be helpful and plan to reschedule them or post them as newer blog entries. You should change the date to latest date..but don’t dig and bring the oldest article because the user may think you are lagging behind better to update the previous date…

    Also, Interlinking old posts within the new articles will play a major role in proper indexing of those articles. It works most of the time. These old posts have good page rank, so we can share the page rank to other new posts. This will increase the SERP ranking also. I think Related posts and putting them on the sidebar is the best option to get them noticed.

    Really this post will be of great help to make the blog look and behave like a website so that the good content remained evergreen. Thanks!