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12 Oct Quick Ways to Make Money on YouTube 

Our 2016 Blogging Trends and Predictions report emphasized the relevance of video blogging. One of the most significant reasons to create YouTube videos is they appear near the top of the list for Google search. Videos help you connect with your audience as an expert because they get to see and hear you. One of the best things about YouTube is that it likes to share revenue with content creators. We’ll walk you through some quick ways to make money on YouTube that you may not have considered before and update you on the latest monetization guidelines.


2016 Blogging Trends

Quick Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Add YouTube Ads

You can monetize your YouTube channel videos when you upload them via Google Adsense. Viewers will see a pre-roll or text ad. Based on views and engagement, YouTube will pay you per 1,000 views or CPM. Here’s how to link your YouTube and Adsense accounts to maximize your time.

For example, these top YouTube earners make more than many TV actors.  Many YouTube stars partner with brands, create their own products and even land hosting/TV gigs.

Include Affiliate Links

Take advantage of the property in the YouTube description box. Besides the title and tags, you can add links to your related blog post there. But the easiest way to make money is to add Amazon, Commission Junction and other affiliate links. When a visitor makes a purchase through your link, you’ll earn a commission of three or more percent.

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YouTube Description Box

Create Sponsored Videos

Partner with brands to create sponsored videos. Tutorials and product reviews also do well in Google search. Keep in mind that as of October 14,2016 YouTube has updated its guidelines for sponsored videos. They must be disclosed via text image. Otherwise, Google (YouTube’s owner) wants the brand to purchase advertising through them directly.

YouTube Product Placement

Promote what you sell

Showcase your e-books, downloads and products in YouTube videos. This is the perfect opportunity to maximize the description box and add links to purchase. Unlike affiliate products, you get to keep all revenue from your own products.

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Your video blogging and on-camera skills are very attractive to brands. You may recall in 2015, we partnered with HP for our influencer Danielle Smith to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America.


Easy Ways to Make Money on YouTube

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    Thank you! I’ve blogged for 4 years but now blogging professionally and wanting to just go for it and add my videos to You Tube and start monetizing them.