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06 Jun Speaker Highlights Part III: Jennifer James, Laura Fuentes & Dari Design Studio!

Up next, our third round of our dynamic speakers!  Based on your Tweets, emails, and messages, you are just as excited about our speakers as we are. (YAY!)  With that said, wait until you see this line-up!  Be sure to check out Part I and Part II as well.    And while we have your attention, don’t forget that the Early Bird discount rate ends on June 15th, don’t miss a great deal!


Jennifer James Moms Blogger Club SPEAKER NAME: Jennifer James

Session Title: No Business Like Mommy Business: Marketing to Moms That Blog

Session Description: In this keynote session, Jennifer James, and a leading panel of marketing experts, will examine why and how brands have been spending millions marketing to moms active in social media.  This session will discuss successful case studies, marketing campaigns, strategies used to market to moms, and new marketing trends.   Knowledge is power and this session is sure to give you that edge to leverage your blog when working and approaching brands!

Jennifer James is the founder of the Mom Bloggers Club Network, one of the world’s largest social networks for moms who blog.  The network includes over 18,000 mom bloggers ranging from US mom bloggers and vloggers to gamer moms and UK mummy bloggers. Jennifer is also the founding editor of Mom Blog Magazine, a leading digital industry resource for mom bloggers, and founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good, a global coalition of mom bloggers who use social media and blogging to advance information to their networks about pressing global issues. A recognized leader in the parent blogging space since 2004, Jennifer has been featured on NPR, CNN, and in Parenting magazine among others and works with leading consumer brands on digital outreach campaigns for moms through her networks.

Momambles Lunches

SPEAKER NAME: Laura Fuentes

Session Title:Becoming A Niche Rock Star: How Focusing Your Message Can Grow Your Audience.

Session Description: Fueled by her passion for fresh food and love for her children, Laura Fuentes is a mom on a mission. In this session, Laura shares how she focused her mommy blog, became the “modern lunch mom” and built a business around her “discovered” passion: helping parents make fresh school lunches.

Now it’s your turn. You blog. You are interesting. You are a social-media savvy blogger who wants to turn your niche idea into income. Where do you begin? Learn how to discover YOUR “secret sauce,” which will take your personal blog to a rock-star level. Learn how to embed your secret sauce messaging into every blog post you create, and in so doing, build a stronger relationship with the social community following you and your passions. More importantly, identify your niche influencers, nurture those relationships, build a community and see yourself grow.

Laura Fuentes is the Founder/CEO and Chief Mom of MOMables™, the first meal-planning service for healthy and fresh school lunches.  Born in Spain and raised on Tapas, she currently resides in what she calls “Southern Suburbia” along with her husband and three children.

Laura’s background is in Global Economics and has an MBA in International Business Development; but her passions are family, good food and living a love-filled life. In her personal blog, SuperGlueMom.com, she writes about motherhood, healthy food for picky eaters, managing deadlines and keeping her cool, even when her kids super-glued her hair.

Laura is a weekly contributor on Voxxi.com, where she shares the full-time working mom perspective and encourages Latina moms to focus on what’s important.  She shares her love for kid’s food on MacaroniKid Eats & FitnessHappy Baby and The Sneaky Chef.  Laura also partners with major brands to promote healthier food.

In the MOMables blog, her popular Lunchbox Wars Series continues to attract the interest of thousands who seek healthier alternatives to packaged lunches.  Launching her business with zero marketing budget, the success of her personal brand and MOMables™ is a true testament to the effectiveness of niche-centric communications.

Connect with Laura on Twitter @SuperGlueMom and on Facebook.

SPEAKER NAMES: Dariela Cruz & Dariana Cruz

Session Title:  Photoshop Workshop For Bloggers

Workshop Description:   Do you want to enhance the look of your blog,  in a way that will wow your blog readers and generate more traffic? If so, this workshop is perfect for you!  This workshop is for bloggers interested in starting a blog or any interface that requires you to handle images and/or photos.  Attendees will learn to use PhotoShop tools to straighten and clean photos; learn to adjust light, color, and contrast to your raw images, how to fix and clean up a photo by erasing unwanted areas with the Stamp Tool, and more!   You will learn the tools, tricks, and tips that are necessary to make the images on your blog more attractive.  (For the purposes of this workshop, you should download a free 1-month trial of Photoshop CS5 prior to attending.)


Dari Design StudioDariela is an established graphic designer and blogger based in San Diego, California.  After working in corporate environments for 15 years, Dariela co-founded “Dari Design Studio,” a full house studio offering a broad range of design services as well as simple and affordable ongoing Photoshop web-classes. She also runs a bilingual lifestyle blog, Mami Talks, which is full of culture, stories and inspirations infused with her unique designs and photographic touch.

Dari DesignDariana Cruz is a Venezuelan Graphic Designer residing in Los Angeles, California since 2000. In 2008, together with her sister, Dariela, she co-founded Dari Design Studio – a Graphic Design Studio that offers online Photoshop classes for all levels and many other design services. Dariana is passionate about colors, distinctive textures, sharing ideas, reading blogs, learning new things and entrepreneurial endeavors. She loves diving into creative cultural travels in search for inspiration and new forms of art.

Nadia Jones

Nadia is the CEO & Owner of The Network Niche Influencer Agency. Nadia has over 8 years of social media marketing experience connecting bloggers and online influencers to brands. She’s been named an “innovator” and “game changer” by her peers for leading the way in how brands connect to diverse and multicultural bloggers.