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01 May Spring Cleaning Your Blog: Five Places to Start

Every spring we’re reminded to clean out the closets in our homes, get busy on the gardening or shrubs, but don’t forget your blog.  The same away your home needs a breath of fresh air and updating, the same goes for your online presence. Clear out the old stuff and make way for the new! Here are five places to start Spring Cleaning Your Blog.

Spring Cleaning Your Blog: 5 Places to Start ~ TheNicheParent.com

1. Sidebars – Take a look at your sidebars and widgets to see if they’re up-to- date.

  • Have any banner ad agreements expired?
  • Do you have a new ambassador or blogging network badges to add? Don’t forget to grab the Niche Parent Network and #NicheParent14 Conference buttons on the sidebar!
  • Instagram widgets are popular right now so consider adding a carousel or button to check out your photos.

2. SEO – Since search engine optimization can send free traffic to your blog, it shouldn’t be ignored especially in spring when popular search terms include spring cleaning, vacation ideas, summer camp and summer meals.

  • Is your SEO plugin up to date?
  • Are there popular posts you can update for a popular search term for spring and summer?
  • Is it time to take an SEO course or hire an SEO pro to update your site?

3. Comments section – Your audience took time to respond to you about your quality work, so don’t ignore them

4. About or Contact page – These are the pages where PR and brands go to check you out and they need attention.

  • Update your about page with new ambassadorships, trips or blogging series.
  • Is your contact page correct? Did you move from gmail e-mail to a self-hosted e-mail address? Are you directing contact emails to your virtual assistant or media representative?

5. No follow links – Per Google’s terms of service, paid links for sponsored posts and reviews should be no-follow.

  • Go post by post and check to see if you’re following the rules. This can be tedious, but it could also boost your Google page rank if done effectively.
  • Select a no follow plugin like NoFollowr that will easily allow you to turn a do follow link to no follow with one click and with no HTML code.

Keep the conversation going on The Niche Parent Network Facebook page and tell use how often you update your About or Contact page.

Joyce Brewer

Follow Joyce Brewer on Twitter: @MommyTalkShow. The Emmy award-winning TV journalist video blogs about parenting and family-friendly Atlanta events on MommyTalkShow.com.

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