Niche Parent 2013

22 Jan Announcing The Second Annual Conference

Niche Parent 2013

Are. You. Ready?  We know that you are!  We’ve seen your tweets, received your messages, got your emails.  You’ve been waiting for details about the Niche Mommy 2013 Conference.  New Orleans?  Dallas?  Atlanta?  Miami? We wanted to share! We really did! But we wanted to get the location, the dates, and the venue right. So we thought really carefully about 2013.  Then it was time to launch, and design, and, well…. you know the drill!

All our planning had paid off.  We know that you’ll be thrilled!   “New” and “powerful” are our favorite words to describe the second annual conference.

Let’s get to it!

Excited about the conference? Click to Tweet & share the love: “@NicheMommy Network is changing things up! See you at the 2013 @NicheParent Conference! #NicheParent13”

Ready for more info?  Check out the hotel information, and registration news!




Nadia Jones

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