Top Ten Best Blog Designs for Bloggers

12 Jan Top 10 Best WordPress Themes & Templates for Bloggers

When was the last time you updated your blog’s design? Was it more than three years ago? If so, you probably are due for a design update and may be wondering what the best WordPress themes are. As part of my work in influencer marketing, I am often reviewing blogs to recommend and approve for our blogger outreach campaigns. It’s frustrating when I come across a blogger who has taken extra effort to capture beautiful images, pairs it with well written content, then places it on an outdated or worse, non-mobile friendly blog. It’s difficult for me to make a case to a brand that this blogger should be recommended to work on a campaign. The brand or agency rep will likely reject the blogger with feedback that the blogger’s website is not an ideal fit or match to the client’s brand. Trust me when I say this happens often.

Let’s be honest, can you blame them? With so many template designs available at an affordable cost, there is really no excuse to have an outdated blog.  A blog’s design is important to the blog’s success, especially if you are monetizing your blog. While I certainly agree that content is queen (or king, depending on your preference), a well designed blog is no doubt, a critical factor to your blog’s success. Just like we judge books by their covers, ad agencies and brands are judging your blog’s design before they read the content.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes: Foodie Theme

Now if you’re lucky enough to draw a reader or potential client into your content despite an outdated or poorly designed site, congrats to you. Keep that outdated blog if you want to. But if you are serious about building and growing into a brand with a professional look and feel, then make sure your blog’s design is current and mobile friendly.

With that in mind, I put together a list of the Top Ten Best Blog Designs for Bloggers designed by Studio Press.  The themes I selected are ideal for bloggers of all niches from food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, travel writers, and more. The majority of the templates can be purchased for $100 or so and many are WooCoomerce friendly. A small investment to make in yourself and your business. Bonus, themes 1 through 7 made it to Studio Press’s Top 10 best selling website themes list for June 2017! Clicking each link takes you the themes demo page.

Top Ten Best Blog Designs for BloggersThis article includes affiliate links.

 Top 10 Best WordPress Themes and Templates for Bloggers and Influencers

  1. Foodie Pro Theme: Perfect for foodies, this theme is sleek and svelte with a minimalist approach and clean design. The design packs a punch when it comes to features. Foodie Pro is the most flexible Genesis Theme to date – with a minimalist style and plenty of color and typography options.
  2. Infinity Pro Theme: If you’re looking to elevate your brand, Infinity Pro was made for you. It’s an elegant, responsive way to introduce your online business and presence. With all of the options packed into Infinity Pro to customize your client’s experience, it’s also one of the most flexible StudioPress theme releases to date. Bonus, it’s compatible with WooCommerce!
  3. Refined Pro Theme:If photos are the front and center of your blog posts, or you have an online store on your blog, you love this theme. Refined Pro is the perfect theme to showcase your photography, content, and products. Ideal for recipe creators, fashion or beauty bloggers, and lifestyle niches. I love this theme because it is clean and brand friendly. The template is WooCommerce-ready and designed to seamlessly match the rest of your website. Did I mention the custom Pinterest graphics, strategically placed newsletter signups to help build your email list, and mobile-responsive design that looks amazing wherever it’s viewed? With Google’s Mobile First indexing, creating and ranking its search listings based on the mobile version of content, you want to ensure that your blog has a responsive design.
  4. Altitude Pro Theme: Altitude Pro is a theme with a purpose, especially if you offer online courses or training. This theme makes selling your courses and content even easier.
  5. Showcase Pro Theme: Clean theme and very modern. Ideal for fashion or lifestyle writers.
  6. Wellness Pro Theme: Ideal if your content focuses on mindful or healthy living. Another clean and responsive website that focuses around your content.
  7. Smart Passive Income Pro Theme: Pat Flynn knows it takes three key elements to create a successful online platform: design, content, and strategy. The Smart Passive Income Pro theme weaves together these essential elements. It features striking design and strategic content areas that will make your online business unforgettable.
  8. Elegance Pro: This theme, launched in 2017 by Studio Press, will display your travel or photography blog just beautifully. A refined and a polished theme, Elegance is a graceful theme perfect for large images and stately typography. It’s feature-rich and easily customizable as well.
  9. Pretty Chic Pro: Pretty Chic is stylish, functional, sleek, modern and filled with options. Great for lifestyle bloggers and influencers that shares content across a variety of topics.  You can use one navigation bar, or 3. Perhaps the most important aspect in the function department is the full width ad widget, giving your blog ample space to include your banner ads.
  10. Divine Theme: Love the versatility and personalization of the Divine theme. The demo was created for recipe and foodie bloggers in mind, however, this theme can be used for any genre of blog or site. It can be customized to fit your images and style, and completely make it your own.
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Nadia is the CEO & Owner of The Network Niche Influencer Agency. Nadia has over 8 years of social media marketing experience connecting bloggers and online influencers to brands. She’s been named an “innovator” and “game changer” by her peers for leading the way in how brands connect to diverse and multicultural bloggers.

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