28 Jan Six Things to Consider Before Using Fiverr for Your Blog 

Have you thought about using Fiverr to write articles for your blog? Or maybe you’d like some help with basic marketing tasks, photo editing, or graphic design and other technical tasks.  Fiverr.com was created in 2009 as a way to connect freelancers with people who have a limited budget for tasks or don’t know how to do certain tasks.

You can search for professionals to perform all sorts of tasks, called gigs, for as little as $5 but sometimes more. Is it quality work for such a small price or a waste of time? Here are a couple things to consider if you’re thinking about using Fiverr for your blog.

Fiverr for Bloggers

Speaker and Momables.com Founder, Laura Fuentes says although she hasn’t used the site in years, it’s a valuable resource for bloggers to get stuff done efficiently.  “I recommend them to bloggers when they are starting out because they tend to have limited resources and skills and it’s an affordable way of getting technical help.”

Sonia Smith-Kang of MixedUpClothing.com ordered a flyer design on Fiverr,com to promote a parenting seminar where she was speaking. Her recommendation, “Like any business contract, I would just suggest folks get everything upfront when dealing with fiverr. Ask questions, look at their portfolio, ask about turnaround time and pricing. $5 could escalate if you don’t understand each other.”

Dawn Harris from MamaHarrisKitchen.com highly recommends using Fiverr.com after positive experiences ordering a logo and getting her ebook optimized for Amazon. Both tasks took her hours of frustration until she released the frustration. Her orders were delivered on time and she went back to the same seller for additional projects. Dawn said, “I was trying to design something on my own, and we had the vision I just couldn’t make it come to life. I found ‘logogallery,’ who came up with exactly what I wanted and for only $5. Once done, he asked if I wanted all the files for an additional fee, which was absolutely worth it. We used the logo on business cards, for the website and on a high quality, huge printed banner as a sponsor for the local high school.”

Niche Parent Founder Nadia Jones has a warning though, “I have always had great experiences until that one time I really needed something and waited 5 days only to realize I was never getting it. I got a refund but that did me little good when I was on a deadline. All other times, I have not had a problem. “
Fiverr Refer a Friend

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Six Things to Consider Before Using Fiverr for Your Blog

  1. Read the reviews. Take note of any negative reviews that point out gigs that are delivered late or need multiple revisions.
  2. Order early. Since these gigs are fulfilled for as little as $5, the creators are typically juggling multiple projects to make it worth their time. Delivery time can be as much as a week and should be described in the gig.  Consider upgrading to an express gig for an additional cost if you need it right away.
  3. Earn free gigs. Use the fiverr referral program to invite your friends, family and even your audience to use it. Give them your link. When they spend their first $10, you’ll automatically earn $5 in your account.
  4. Ask around. See if the members of your blogging tribe have had success with a particular Fiverr.com selling and follow their advice.
  5. Have a backup plan. As Nadia Jones pointed out, some gigs are not delivered on time or fail to deliver. What’s your backup plan if that happens? You can cancel the order and try someone else.
  6. Consider the alternatives. Worried about hiring someone for just $5 for a major project? Elance.com and Odesk.com also allow you to hire people for graphics, technical and writing gigs.

If you need a podcast transcribed, research on a project, a series of images designed or even video editing, Fiverr may be an option.

Joyce Brewer

Follow Joyce Brewer on Twitter: @MommyTalkShow. The Emmy award-winning TV journalist video blogs about parenting and family-friendly Atlanta events on MommyTalkShow.com.

  • Janeane Davis (@janeanedavis)
    Posted at 09:04h, 29 January Reply

    I have not used Fiverr yet and am nervous about using strangers for that price point. I have some small projects that I may try them out for to see what the experience is like.

    • The Single Mom's Corner
      Posted at 11:56h, 30 March Reply

      They are kind of a hit or miss. I have used them a few times and have been pleased about 80% of the time. I would never use them for anything that involves logging into my website . Like you said they are strangers from around the world. The good thing is that if you have a problem you can open a dispute and they will refund your money.

  • Kita Bryant
    Posted at 12:56h, 29 January Reply

    I used them a few yrs ago and I almost got sued because someone did something with a font that wasn’t for commercial use. I never went back. I have heard good things but I prefer to go to etsy first. You will pay around the same price and get a better return.

  • Sandy Sandmeyer
    Posted at 15:04h, 06 February Reply

    I love Fiverr! My blog caricature was done by a Top Rated Fiverr artist. She nailed it down to the earrings and ear cuff. But, it wasn’t without some issues of her getting over burdened with requests and it took about 3 weeks instead of 1 week. That experience wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. I would definitely use Fiverr again.

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  • Cre8tiveDiva (@TheCre8tiveDiva)
    Posted at 10:35h, 14 May Reply

    I have used Fiverr before mostly for graphics I had mocked up already. I provided the images and font type. I did have a client, who like Kita Bryant, was almost sued but for a logo that looked too much like another company’s branded logo. I had good luck with logos that been mocked up by hand. But when it came to flyers and invitations, especially ones where we pre-purchased PSD templates, the turnaround time was awful. I missed a few deadlines because of the time differences and how many people are lined up in their queues. I would use them again, but you need to look at the queue, the reviews, their time zone, and the languages they speak.

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