24 Oct Niche Mommy Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tween Entrepreneur Creates Fortune Girls

At Niche Mommy Network & Community, we love supporting and spotlighting the inspirational work of others through our member spotlights and newsletters. This week, we are adding an additional spotlight to introduce you to Fortune Girls, an idea co-created by tween entrepreneur, Madison Ruiz,  and her mom. Fortune Girls  was created when Madison wanted some art on her bedroom walls and her mom decided to take Madison’s own drawings and add color to them.  That vision turned into artwork selling out at $75.00 a piece to an entire brand, empowerment community, and message to all young girls – to make a difference in this world.  Read on to find out more about the FG brand that promises to change the world, one girl at a time!

Teen Entrepreneur becomes Fortune Girl

How Two Women and a Young Girl became Fortune Girls

What do you get when you take a girl who has a special gift of drawing, combined with a Mom who discovers her daughter’s gift and infuses her professional gift of designing in it, and two Moms who are determined to make a difference in the lives of girls? You get Fortune Girls!

Fortune Girls is the creation of a tween girl Madison Ruiz and her Mom Barbara Clarke Ruiz. It all began when Madison wanted some art on her walls, and her Mom decided to take Madison’s drawings, color over them, and the beautiful, bright and whimsical Fortune Girls characters were born! Not long after that one of Barbara’s friends, Lisa Osinloye, visited their house and asked, “Why aren’t these girls on t-shirts?” This was the question that got the entrepreneurial wheels in motion. Seven Fortune Girls pictures were produced and sold out in one week at a cost of $75.00 apiece. The Fortune Girls were no longer just a hunch, but a viable brand that could used as an aid to empower girls.

Barbara partnered with co-founder Lisa, and together they’ve developed and built a multi-media brand that is dedicated to the empowerment of tween girls age 6-12, building self confidence and self esteem in our girls. Fortune Girls will scale to include a website experience with content and games, television, film, gaming apps for tablets and mobile, music, publishing, dolls, toys, licensing and merchandising deals.

The Beta site received close to 3 million hits and over 100,000 registered users in 6 months, with 34% of the traffic being international!

Fortune Girls was named the ‘Next Hottest Tween Brand‘ at the Youth Mega Marketing Event, and reached over 4 million girls through a first of its kind initiative with Girl Scouts USA. Fortune Girls was selected out of hundreds of established brands for the Teen Choice Awards coveted Celebrity Gift Bag. Celebrities and their kids went home with Fortune Girls goodies!

Meet the “original” Fortune Girl in this great video- she’s really a star! 

So what Message do Fortune Girls have for young girls? 

Wouldn’t it be great if every girl could grow up believing in themselves and their dreams?

The Fortune Girls brand seeks to empower young girls and encourage them to think beyond themselves — effecting positive change, both large and small, in their local communities and around the world.

Fortune Girls seeks to empower tween girls, ages 6-12, in an online environment via interactive animated characters who promote positive images of girls in the classroom, on the athletic field, spending time with their friends, in their communities and pursuing their dreams.

The Fortune Girls — Wow Girl Pink, Flame, Cinderita, AyakoLove, Taj, Ashna, Savvy and Margaux will provide guidance and inspiration to get through life’s bumpy roads, help build self-esteem, and encourage our global citizens to have a positive outlook on their lives, goals and achievements all while having fun!

To learn more about Fortune Girls and the powerhouse team behind the brand, please Like them on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/FortuneGirls .

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Disclosure: we did not receive compensation or products for this post; we simply love the spirit and the concept and hope you do too!

Nadia Jones

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  • magicwoman
    Posted at 22:55h, 13 November

    My nieces love Fortune Girls because of the diversity of the characters and the positive messages and images they reflect. Their favorite Fortune Girls are “Flame” and “Wow Girl Pink.” Any idea when merchandise will be available?

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    Fortune Girls by TWEEN Madison Ruiz | The Niche Parent Network & Conference