After the Blogging Conference To-Do List ~

28 Jul After the Blogging Conference To-Do List

After the Blogging Conference To-Do List ~

Blogging conference season is in full swing and it’s just July! #BlogHer14 just wrapped up in San Jose, California and we’re preparing for local events to connect with bloggers before #NicheParent14 kicks off October 16-18, 2014 at the Disney World Resort. The sessions, breakouts and networking can be overwhelming once you get back home. So what’s on your blogging conference to-do list?

Get in the Groove

Unpack, check your emails and get back into your routine.

Spend time with your family. Cook a welcome back meal that they’ll love.

Check with your babysitter or childcare provider about any issues that arose while you were away.

Create Content

You’re back in front of your computer after a blogging conference and this is the perfect time to share your experience with your audience – even if they’re not mainly bloggers.

Tell them about your trip (the good and the bad) and what you learned.

Showcase your expertise if you were a presenter.

Thank your sponsors in a wrap up blog post. Create a report for sponsors of promotion on their behalf including retweets, comments and shares.


Share the Swag

Bloggers can come back from a conference with enough swag to an additional suitcase, and many bring an extra suitcase just for the swag.

You’ve got three options for swag you bring home – use it, review it or give it away.

If you review a swag item or host a giveaway, share the post with the brand or PR representative.

New Network

Who did you meet at the conference?

Are there blogger collaborations or brand ambassador opportunities to pursue?

Bernetta from Bernetta Style recommends that you “Send a friendly email to everyone whose business cards you collected. Just a quick, `Hello, nice to meet you.’ It’s a great start to a budding relationship.”

Another way to connect with your new network is to circle them on Google+.   Create a Twitter list for #NicheParent14 and add all the bloggers or brand representatives you’ll meet. 

Live and Learn

Now it’s time what you’ve learned at the conference and put it into action.

Andrea Amir of Smart Money Chicks attends several blogging and financial conferences a year. After a conference she says, “I always assign a time to work on the things I want to implement from the conference. This way it will get done.” Andrea also sends herself an email reminder in the future with the service or If you attended a blogging session on Pinterest boards, set a goal to add or organize more boards before the end of the month.

Share your advice in the comments: What are your action items after a blogging conference that have helped your career?

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