23 Oct 8 Tips for Serving as A Social Media Correspondent

Bloggers and vloggers are known for their influence on their websites and social media channels. More and more brands are engaging digital influencers to provide real time coverage of events through social media and serve as on-site social media correspondents. Instagram images and live streaming video content like Periscope give a target audience an up close look at all the action allowing fans to “participate” in the event from any where around the world. Brands can leverage the influence of bloggers by having them serve as an on-site host to provide a unique behind the scenes perspective of the event.

The Network Niche often works with brands to place social media correspondents at live events to help generate social buzz at scale, and to engage the fans of influencers. During a recent campaign with client The Home Depot, The Network’s own Joyce Brewer served as the social media correspondent for the #HomeDepotGNO event in Birmingham, Alabama.  Joyce’s experience as a journalist covering breaking news combined with her social media skills made Joyce a perfect fit.

Even if you don’t have a journalism background like Joyce, you can serve as an on-site digital correspondent. Using the tips below, you’ll not only provide the brand the coverage they need, you’ll also ensure you don’t run out of steam (or battery power) before the event is over.

8 Tips for Serving as A Social Media Correspondent

1. Brand provided content. Yes, you’ve been hired to cover an event from your perspective as a blogger and interact in-person during the event. But don’t be surprised if a brand provides you with their own images, text and website links to share while covering the event.

2. Event program or agenda. Ask for the run of show or program agenda so you can plan your content themes for the night. Knowing the highlights will help you plan an effective and stress free game plan for the night. Is the brand also hosting a Twitter  party during the event? If so, schedule your questions and answers.

3. Determine full scope of the campaign. What are the brand’s goals in having you serve as an on-site social media correspondent? Don’t forget to also ask about the event hashtag before attending so you can include in your shares. Announce to your fans that you’re attending and working the event so that they can tune in during the event.

4. Comfortable clothes & shoes. Dress stylishly, yet comfortably because you’ll likely spend a lot of time on your feet. If you’re covering a concert or major holiday display, be prepared to walk a good distance from your car to the main action. And remember, you’ll be on camera. Solid bright colors usually do better than dark or neutral tones.

5. Makeup. Be camera-ready for your own social shares and any photographs the brand may take of you as their digital correspondent.

6. Food/Water. Bring water unless refreshments or food will be served. You’ll be conducting interviews and talking to other attendees. Avoid getting a case of dry mouth by staying hydrated. Depending on where the brand provided refreshments are and how quickly they run out, it’s best to have your own snacks handy for longer events. Grab a protein bar or granola to help keep your energy up.

7. Chargers. In mobile, you’re only as good as the charge on your smartphone or tablet. Charge all of your devices before you go, bring an extra battery or two and keep an eye out for a nearby electrical outlet.

Mobile Chargers

8. Wifi hotspot.  While must venues provide public wifi you never know what the speed or accessibility will be like. Consider adding a hotspot option on your cell phone or purchasing an additional hot spot for reliable coverage.

Bonus tip: Turn off your scheduled social shares while you’re working as a digital correspondent. Update your plugins settings to avoid sending out tweets that may conflict with your brand’s message. While you’re working as a digital correspondent on behalf of a brand, your social shares during that time can be wholly devoted to them if you turn off your scheduled social shares.

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Joyce Brewer

Follow Joyce Brewer on Twitter: @MommyTalkShow. The Emmy award-winning TV journalist video blogs about parenting and family-friendly Atlanta events on MommyTalkShow.com.

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