06 Jul When Is It Time to Hire a Blog Contributor?

Do you know the difference between a guest blogger and a blog contributor? A guest blogger is one time opportunity for another blogger to write a post and reach your audience. A blog contributor is a regular content creator on your blog who’s typically compensated with product or payment. We’ll walk you through the signs of when it’s time to hire a blog contributor, how to assign duties and how to make the relationship mutually beneficial.

What is a Blog Contributor?

A blog contributor can add a new perspective or new insight to your blog’s content on a consistent basis. For local bloggers, one of your contributors can attend an event when your schedule is booked. You may ask a contributor to create content each week, each month or whatever meets your content calendar’s needs.

When is it time to hire a Blog Contributor?

When Is It Time to Hire a Blog Contributor

One sign that it’s time to hire a blog contributor is that you’re overworked and overwhelmed. If it’s becoming apparent that you can’t keep up with the pace for sponsored posts or press trips, it’s time to hire someone else.

A blog contributor can add  expertise you don’t have. For example, food blogging and recipes are wildly popular – but you don’t like to cook.  A food contributor could add their knowledge to your blog by providing fresh content on kitchens tools, meal-planning and more.

National Ice Tea Month

For parenting bloggers who start out sharing their journey as new parents where diaper rash and sleep training are hot topics, things will change as your children get older.

What will you do when your tween or teen asks NOT to appear on your blog or be photographed? It may be time for a newborn or baby contributor to add their voice to your blog.

Tell us below about another sign that it’s time to hire a blog contributor.

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6 Tips for Managing Multiple Blogs Without Getting OverwhelmedBlog Contributor Duties

Sign Contributor Agreement: Create a short-term or long-term agreement for your blog contributor. Outline compensation and confidentiality before they begin contributing content.
Meet Deadlines: Contributors should have an agreed upon deadline for their content.
Follow Blog Post Templates: To create a consistent theme for your audience, consider creating a blog post template for contributors to follow.

Promote Content: If agreed upon, a blog post contributor should promote the content and drive traffic to your site.

Where to Find a Blog Contributor

Ask a blogger you like and respect to be a blog contributor. If you have a friend who frequently asks “how to start a blog,” consider asking them to contribute to your blog so they can learn the ropes. Place a request in blogging Facebook groups.

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