4 Free Plugins to Backup Your Wordpress Blog Automatiically ~ TheNicheParent.com

22 Aug 4 Free Plugins to Backup Your WordPress Blog Automatically

4 Free Plugins to Backup Your WordPress Blog Automatiically ~ TheNicheParent.com

After pouring your heart and soul into every blog post you’ve crafted, don’t let a technical issue or security breach erase all your work. If hackers can hit major companies, they can also hit your blog!  If you’re not already, you should backup a version of your WordPress blog on a regular bases. A stored version of your WordPress content is also needed when moving from one hosting company to another. Here are four free plugins to backup your WordPress blog. They’re all “set it and forget it” plugins where the backups are done automatically, so you don’t have to set reminders for yourself or pay a virtual assistant to do it for you.

WordPress Database Backup

WordPress Database Backup allows you to schedule a backup of your blog to be sent via email hourly, twice daily, weekly, or monthly.

“When having the database backup emailed or sent to your browser for immediate download, the backup file will be deleted from the server when the transfer is finished. Only if you select delivery method “Save to server” will the backup file remain on your server,” according to the developer’s website.

4 Free Plugins to Backup Your WordPress Blog Automatically ~ TheNicheParent.com

Backup WordPress

Backup WordPress allows you to store a version of your WordPress blog directly on your host server. You can also send it to an online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3.

If your content is lost for any reason, download the latest file from the server, unzip the file and upload it again to the content of your site.

4 Free Plugins to Backup Your WordPress Plugin Automatically ~ TheNicheParent.com


BackWPup Free  is similar to Backup WordPress in terms of storage options for your server or online storage, except the free version does not offer the same support as the paid pro version for $75.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox              

The WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin is ideal for Dropbox users to choose a date, time or frequency of how often they’d like WordPress content saved and stored. Check your available storage with Dropbox in case you need to purchase additional space.

You can upload these plugins from the developer’s site or simply search for them in the WordPress dashboard under plugins, then install.

Go through this list and find the best plugin that seems easiest to use. Keeping your blog content readily available is a key component to working with brands. Check out:  How Bloggers Can Connect with  Brands on Twitter Without looking Desperate.

Comment below: Where are you storing backup versions of your WordPress blog? When has it come in handy to have a version readily available?


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