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01 Aug 4 Blogging Conference Preparation Tips You’ll Love

As the summer winds down, blogging conference season kicks into high gear. Bloggers and influencers fly in or drive around the country to make connections and attend events. Blogging conference preparation can help you get the most out of your experience and help you get a return on your investment. See what some of our community members do to get ready for conferences below and be sure to share your suggestions in the comments.

4 Blogging Conference Preparation Tips You’ll Love

1. Prepare Your Pitch

Influencer Herchel Scruggs
Herchel Scruggs from GymCraftLaundry.com decided at the last minute to attend Blogger Bash in New York City. Although she didn’t have very much time to plan, Herchel used her her time while flying to prepare her pitch for meeting with brands. Her goal was to explain the branding and purpose of her blog’s content.

She said, “While my flights were delayed en route, I focused on defining my vision for my site so that my “elevator pitch” flowed into the conversation and didn’t sound formulaic.”


Influencer Ari Adams
2. Connecting on Social Media Before You Arrive

Ari Adams of LovePeaceandTinyFeet.com started engaging on social media with brands before she arrived at Blogger Bash. She followed and tweeted the sponsors of the event.

“Interacting with the sponsors ahead of time was integral in helping to forge ongoing relationships and thoughtfully determine a mutually beneficial way we can work together in the future. I’d follow them and they’d, in turn, follow my blog and familiarize themselves with my brand. In some cases, we were able to connect before the conference and start a working relationship.

Influencer Michele Brosius

3. Join the Event Facebook Group

Michele Brosius from Just2Sisters.com reminded influencers: “Join the Facebook group to interact with other attendees, organizers and speakers. I do that to be able to intro myself and have ways to start conversations at the conference.”

For our 2014 conference at Walt Disney World, the event Facebook group was a great resource for families to navigate check in.

4. Write a Recap Post

Even if your blog isn’t about blogging or creating content, write a post to let your audience know where you’ve been, who you met and travel advice.

Share your posts with the event hosts to boost engagement and a possible feature in the newsletter. Post your recap in the event Facebook group too!

Comment below: How do you prepare for blogging conferences and influencer events? How do you follow-up with brands after the event?

Blogging Conference Preparation


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