19 Jun How to Pitch Back for a Sponsored Post

How to Pitch Back for a Sponsored Post

One of the biggest gripes for influencers are PR or brand pitches they receive that sound a lot like a sponsored post, but don’t include any compensation. Maybe the brand requests a designated number of social shares, a blog post deadline or wants to review your post BEFORE you publish. A courteous and detailed email reply can get the conversation started about turning this opportunity into a win-win for your blog and the brand. Keep reading for a few ideas on what to say in your pitch back for a sponsored post.

Yes, You CAN Pitch Back for a Sponsored Post

Think about the number of pitches you receive in your email every week. Are they asking you to review a product? Would an author like to be interviewed about their newest book? Your first urge may be to delete a pitch that does not offer compensation or a valuable review product. Not so fast!

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Sample “pitch back” for a sponsored post

Take a moment and think about how you could turn a request into a sponsored post. Here’s a sample reply:

“This campaign sounds similar to sponsored posts I’ve created for Kraft, Nike and Hairfinity that you can see here (link to previous sponsored posts). My rate to create a 400 word blog post that’s shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and my e-newsletter is $300. Attached is a media kit with my blog’s reach and influence.”

What if the response is: We have no budget or We don’t “pay to play”?

Be prepared for a reply that this campaign does not include a budget or that the company doesn’t pay for exposure.

Are you a newer influencers who hasn’t worked with a brand on a sponsored post yet? Make sure you sign up to become a member of the Niche Parent Network so you can be considered for opportunities and events.

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You can reply again and let them know that you are open to working with them when their budget allows:

“Currently, my editorial calendar is full. In order to ensure a return on investment for my web hosting and other blogging expenses, I am prioritizing paid clients. Please keep me in mind if your budget changes.”

What if the response is YES?

Whoo hoo! Congratulate yourself and do a heckuva job. Be sure to create a campaign report for the brand with links to your social shares. Consider extending the relationship with your blog and the brand by pitching a longer-term relationship or brand ambassadorship.

Comment below: Have you ever pitched back for a sponsored post? What response did you get?

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