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28 Feb 3 Link Check Plugins to Help Improve Your Google Traffic

As content creators, we’d like Google to send us as much free traffic as possible.  Google is more inclined to recommend your site to new visitors when it considers your site to reliable. Broken links and other factors can hurt your chances. Instead of going through every one of your blog posts to test whether each link is working, there are several link check plugins that simplify it. If you’ve been blogging for several years, there’s a greater chance that you have inactive affiliate links and links to websites that no longer exist.

Broken Link Checker

1. Broken Link Checker

Install the Broken Link Checker plugin for real-time updates on non-working links. You’ll get updates through the WordPress dashboard or via email. Although the plugin has many five-star ratings, there are complaints that it may not work or that it slows down your site’s load time.

WP Broken Link Status Checker

2. WP Broken Link Status Checker

The WP Broken Link Status Checker also scans your WordPress blog. It has an overwhelming five-star rating.

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3. Broken Link Manager

This is another free plugin that will alert you to non-working links.  Broken Link Manager also assists with 301 redirects to send broken link to a better, designated link. You can even create a new landing page or designated page to redirect traffic.

Let’s estimate that you’ve found 50 broken links in your blog.

Is it best to delete them or find another solution? For broken affiliate links, you can find a similar product to replace it.

For websites or blogs that no longer exist, you can update your audience on what happened and offer an alternative.

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3 Link Check Plugins to Help Improve Your Google Traffic

Comment below: What other tools have you used to help your blog index higher in Google search? Which broken link plugin do you plan to use?

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