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25 Nov 4 Easy to Use Recipe Plugins You’ll Want to Install

One of the most popular topics for bloggers is –  food. Think about your most popular pins and social shares. Are they recipes and meal planning tips? If so, you’ll want to check out these recipe plugins. First, we’ll explain how a recipe plugin can help your blog’s traffic, then we’ll recommend those that are easy to install and optimize.

SEO – Recipe Plugins can optimize your posts for google. Someone searching for popular ingredients and keywords can find your recipe with help from a recipe plugin.

Shares – Plugins for recipes also offer ideal options to share on social media.

Printing – When a cook tries a new recipe they may like to print them out to add to a recipe book or to read while they’re in the kitchen. Recipe plugins offer a formatted and easy-to-read option for printing.

Photos – Photography is everything when it comes to food blogging. A recipe plugin will allow you to upload and optimize the ideal image.

Mobile friendly – For visitors who are reading on a tablet or device, recipe plugins optimize and format your content.

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4 Easy to Use Recipe Plugins

WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker gets 5 stars from WordPress users. It boasts SEO power to add meta data to your recipe posts.

WP Ultimate Recipe is the popular recipe plugin that we released in 2013 and have been working on ever since. This gave us a great idea of what most food bloggers are looking for.”

Recipes by Simmer

For ingredient measurements, Simmer provides drop-down options for pounds, ounces, packages and more.

“Simmer adds beautiful recipe publishing to any WordPress installation with minimal hassle. Simmer continually develops key areas of recipe UX so our plugin always stays lightweight and easy to use within the WordPress dashboard.”

It’s another five-star reviewed plugin by WordPress users.

Simmer Recipe Plugin

Visual Recipe Index

Although the Visual Recipe Index plugin only gets 4.4 starts by WordPress users, it has options to create amazing photo galleries and automatically creates an indexed page for all of your recipes.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant to go back and optimize your old blog posts with the Visual Recipe Plugin once you install it.

Visual Recipe Index

Photo Credit: Visual Recipe Index

Meal Planner Pro

“Enable your readers to take action on your recipes. Save Recipes, Create Shopping Lists, Add to Meal Planning Calendar, View Nutrition Info and more.”

The shopping list option and meal planning calendar help give your audience to total experience to make your recipe a reality.


Recipe Plugins

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What’s your favorite plugin for your niche?

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