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24 Feb 4 Plugins to Redirect Old Blog Posts

The flexibility of WordPress allows users to make updates however they see fit. To prevent your blog visitors from getting lost on your site when blog post links are changed, redirection plugins can handle sending them to the correct place. Redirection plugins will forward the link or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a blog post to the new link you select. The simplest way to understand it: instead of reaching the wrong person when you dial the wrong phone number, the phone automatically forwards the call to the right place.  That’s what redirection plugins do for WordPress. Here are some reasons to redirect old blog posts followed by recommendations for redirection plugins that make it all super simple.


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Reasons to Redirect Old Posts

Change in permalink structure. You may decide not to include the blog category name in the URL. Or you decide to remove the blog post date from the permalink structure.  When you don’t have the blog post publish date as part of the URL structure, it’s easier to republish content without worrying that URLs will change.

SEO purposes. To bring more search engine traffic to your blog, you decide to target a new keyword for a blog post and include it in a new URL.

Typo in the URL. Oops. Months later you realize you spelled Christmas Carol – Christmas Carrol and you want it properly spelled in the new URL.

Deleted blog posts. The info is outdated, the product no longer exists or you’ve changed your stance on a subject so you deleted the blog post. Redirect anyone who’s looking to that old content to a new post or your home page.

Redirection plugins 

Warning: For the best results, use only ONE redirection plugin so they don’t conflict with each other.

Redirect –  Wordpress users rated this plugin 5/5 stars for its ease of use. A simple drop down menu lets you select where you’d like to new URL to be forwarded.

Redirection – It has 4.3/5 stars  from WordPress users for its ability to keep track of 404 errors where your users may land on posts and pages that no longer exist.

Quick Page/Post Redirect – With its 4.6/5 stars ratings from users, this plugin can redirect pages, posts and menus on WordPress.

Safe Redirect Manager – Users rated this plugin 4.8/5 stars. “An easy-to-use UI allows you to redirect locations to new URL’s with the HTTP status codes of your choosing.”


Redirect Old Blog Posts


When you visit the plugin page, read through each plugins settings to see if it works with your blog’s theme.

Plugins are designed to work for a few blog posts or pages. If you’re undergoing a rebranding for your blog or changing directories, consider hiring a blog designer of WordPress expert.

The WordPress.Org Support Forums are also great places to ask questions about troubleshooting and reading users success with plugins.

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Comment below: When you go into your  Wordpress dashboard to look at old posts, are there at least five opportunities there to redirect old blog posts? How would changing the URL affect your blog?

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