16 Feb How to Maximize a Round Up Blog Post to Boost Traffic 

Have you noticed how some experienced bloggers often create round up blog posts? There’s a method to it that can help boost traffic to your blog. A round up blog post is a list of related content. It can connect your audience to related content on your blog or be aggregated from other blogs.

When you give your readers focused, valuable content designed to solve a problem it can position you as an expert with content that’s worth sharing.

For example, if you create a round up post on “1o Pros Share How to Plan Drama Free Family Photo Session” with expert quotes from 10 photography bloggers, their expertise and yours will mean a lot.  If you’re a food blogger, you can create a round up of “7 Simple  Cookout Recipes” and link to seven of your own recipes. Community Member Herchel Scruggs created 10 Easy Paleo Recipes for Every Meal and LaShawn Wiltz shared 10 Black Photographers to Follow on Instagram.

How to Maximize a Round Up Blog Post to Boost Traffic 

Create the Perfect Pinterest Image

Pinterest is a wonderful way to maximize a round up post. Use an eye-catching image and text that clearly states what your post promises to deliver.

Ex. 10 Home Decor Changes You Can Do This Weekend

Schedule  Pinterest shares to promote the round up blog post.

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Recipe Plugins

Get Blogging Tribe Support

Once you’ve added insight and links from fellow bloggers in your round up blog post, ask them to promote it. Tag the bloggers on Twitter and Facebook when you share the round up link.

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Use Targeted Hashtags

What are the most popular hashtags related to your round up blog post? Use them in various shares of your round up post on Twitter.

Preview Post on Facebook

Tell your Facebook fans you’re working on a list or round up they’ll love. Get engagement going and build interest there. When you blog post is live, leave a link in the comments of the thread you created so anyone who’s engaged with the post will get an alert.

Successful Facebook Boost

Create a Video or Live Event

Videos and live streaming are great ways to engage with your audience.

If your round up post includes seven tips, create a video or live streamed event that demonstrates two or three of them. Share the video on your social channels.  Tell your audience to find the rest of the information in your full round up post.

Make Sharing Easy

Include a Click to Tweet or embed a tweet of your blog post. Make sure your share tools are active and working so anyone who loves your round up post can share it easily.

What round up ideas do you have to boost your blog traffic?

How often do you create round up or curated posts?



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