25 Jun Speaker Highlights Part V: Tamara Floyd, Divina Rodriguez, Jeff Funk, Ruby Wright, & Ronny Mason!

The call for speakers is officially closed and we couldn’t be any more excited about our 2012 lineup.  Stay tuned as we will be posting our entire conference agenda tomorrow.  Before we introduce you to our next round of speakers in our fifth highlight, be sure to check our other highlights under the tag Conference Speakers.  Last but not least, thank you to everyone that submitted proposals for Niche Mommy Conference 2012!  See you in New Orleans!

SPEAKER NAME: Tamara Floyd

Session Title: Becoming A Niche Rock Star: How Focusing Your Message Can Grow Your Audience.

Session Description: Tamara will join Chantilly Patino and Laura Fuentes on this panel made up of niche rock stars from several different niches.  Attendees will learn about how sticking to their niche can be the best thing they do to grown their brand and their blog.  Being true to your message and addressing a specific set of topics on your blog helps you to become an expert in your community as well as increasing your blog’s SEO.  Hear about case studies of successful blogs that stick to their niche and discover how you can apply the best niche blogging practices to your own blog in order to increase traffic and interactions from your target audience.

Tamara L. Floyd is a writer, speaker, coach and business consultant that has been featured in local media such as CW 39’s Outlook Houston and nationally in the recent premier issue of Jones Magazine. She works alongside business partner and husband, Benjamin A. Floyd of Floyd and Associates. Tamara is sought after for her highly interactive marketing campaigns for national conferences and events that not only encourages public involvement, but also engages the participants and increase registration enrollment.

Tamara began her career as a volunteer coordinator for Houston City Council Member, Wanda Adams. She explored unique and innovative ways to rally support through the use of email marketing and social networks.
In 2008, Tamara founded Natural Hair Rules!!! , a website that provides inspirational and practical advice for those who are natural, considering going natural, or just simply love the natural woman. Natural Hair Rules has inspired thousands of people to become the person God created them to be, by embracing their natural selves.
Tamara is also a breast cancer advocate that educates on the devastating effects of breast cancer in the African American community as well as the health disparities of minorities as a whole.  Connect with Tamara on Twitter at @tamarafloyd


Dancing Hot DogsSPEAKER NAME: Divina Rodriguez

Session Title: Gone in 60 Seconds….. Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Session Description:  Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, you want to promote your brand and your blog. During this workshop, you will hear professional tips on perfecting your “elevator speech” so you will stand out from the crowd. This workshop will give you an opportunity to work on your current elevator pitch in a judgement free zone.  At the end of this workshop, attendees  will have more confidence, a clear plan, practical advice on how to approach brands and executives in a clear, persuasive, and professional manner.

T. Divina Rodriguez is a marketing professional with nearly a decade of experience in a top aerospace corporation as well as a wife and mother of two boys under the age of five. She is a graduate of University of Connecticut and Fairfield University with a Masters in Communications.   Divina is a partner with Trumpeting Media a leading Social Media brand management company that uses the power of social media for Social good.  She is co-founder and editor of www.dancinghotdogs.com an entertainment and family lifestyle blog. She is a Brand Ambassador, a Social Media consultant and has been featured as an expert panelist in leading national conferences.    Connect with Divina on Twitter @DancingHotdogs.

Jeff Funk Blogger


Session Title: All Hail The Content Kings- Content & Brand Engagement Tips From The Dad Niche

Session Description: With the dizzying statistic that there is a blog being born every half second, and with the number of brands looking to engage with on-line publishers, influential bloggers are often asked how they stay at the top of this game.   With the rise of the dad blogging niche, more often the question is raised because  the inquisitive blogger wants to achieve the same success. The question is usually based on the idea that, “I want my blog to be like your blog.”   The answer is not simple as many steps go into becoming an influential blogger.  In this session, attendees will learn what prevails over page layouts, SEO, metagging, and “all that other stuff.”  Listen close, this session will.be.good!

Jeff Funk is an Emmy, Promax and Addy Award-Winning Creative Director & Digital Content Producer based right here in New Orleans. Last year, he assumed the role as Creative Director, Innovation and Imagination for WGNO-TV and NOLA38, Tribune Broadcasting’s duopoly in “The Big Easy.”  In 2012, WGNO-TV was a recipient of 2 Gold Addys (local and regional) as well as national Addy finalist in TV Promotion for its heartfelt “God Bless Louisiana” campaign.  Prior to joining Tribune, Jeff was part of the creative team responsible for the branding and launch of Peachtree TV (formerly Superstation WTBS), one of the most recognizable TV brands in Atlanta.  With a media career that started 15 years ago at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.  literally seven days after graduating from the University of Florida, he has been fortunate enough to spend an entire career in television with the bulk of it with The CNN News Group also based in Atlanta.  With a passion for executing strategic communications, creative solutions as well as video content across multiple media platforms (TV, Online, Radio, SMS, Multimedia, Print), he has also managed award winning brand activations & teams that has generated revenue, bolstered viewer engagement and ratings for media giants such as Hearst-Argyle TV and The Turner Entertainment Networks.

A dedicated husband and proud father of three, Jeff considers himself a social media, digital and storytelling junkie.  A speaker at conferences such as Digital Atlanta and Barkworld Expo, he blogs on the importance of video, social experiences and personal brand building on his site http://BrandDynamite.com.  Jeff is also an 80’s pop culture fanatic, loves contact sports and currently has a “daddy blog” in the works.  Three boys under the age of 6 with enough energy to power a small country has slowed that process down just a little.

Connect with Jeff on Twitter at @Jeffrey_FunkLinkedIn and read more about him at  About.Me

Ruby Wright Blogger Growing Up BlaxicanSPEAKER NAME: Ruby Wright

Session Title: The State of the Mother’s Union Address: Discussing Issues that Affect Moms of Color

Session Description:  Ruby will join Kimberly Seals-Allers as a panelist to share her story on issues that affect moms of color from the perspective of  raising a multicultural family.

Ruby is a wife, mother, and the founder of growingupblackxican.com, a diverse family blog about children growing up bi-cultural. She blogs about raising her kids to be proud of their two cultures- Black and Mexican. GUB was started a little over 2 years ago when Ruby found it hard to relate to other families including her own. She struggled to find answers on different topics from relationships, parenting in a bi-cultural family, and even balancing two cultures in one family. It was also challenging to find products her kids could relate to. As the Founder of GUB she strives to bring awareness to the bi-cultural community in specific “BLACKXICANS” but most importantly document the sweet journey and family memories for her kids. Ruby is most passionate about family, education and all things crafty.

Name of Speaker:  Ronny Mason

Name of Session: “It Starts With You!”

Session description:   This session will impact new and veteran bloggers alike! The session is designed to have the Niche Mommy Conference attendees look at their current blogging goals and activities to evaluate what the blogger can and needs to do differently to achieve the results she is looking for! Once you change the way you think…The impact follows!


Nadia Jones

Nadia is the CEO & Owner of The Network Niche Influencer Agency. Nadia has over 8 years of social media marketing experience connecting bloggers and online influencers to brands. She’s been named an “innovator” and “game changer” by her peers for leading the way in how brands connect to diverse and multicultural bloggers.

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