25 Jun 31 Blog Post Prompts for July

Blog Post Prompts for July

Time flies when you’re keeping a blogging calendar full. Are you looking for ideas to generate more views and shares this summer?  Here are 31 Blog Post Prompts for July that can help you get inspired to create more content. You may be surprised to see how many unusual holidays you can celebrate this summer and explore with your audience. See even more holidays that can inspire you year-round on the the National Day Calendar or TimeandDate.com.

31 Blog Post Prompts for July

  1. National Ice Cream Day – Visit local shops or share recipes.
  2. World UFO Day – Have there been any sightings in your state?
  3. Where to Watch the 4th of July Fireworks in (Your City)
  4. Last Minute 4 of the July Party Tips
  5. Make the Most of 4th of July Leftovers
  6. End of Summer Bucket List
  7. Planning for the Second Half of the Year
  8. End of the Summer Reading List
  9. National Sugar Cookie Day – Share a recipe.
  10. 10 Things I’ll Do for Myself Once the Kids Go Back to School
  11. Must-Haves for Your Beach Bag
  12. Best Beaches in (Your State)
  13. National French Fries Day – Share your favorite toppings; interview a local chef.
  14. Recap your family’s summer vacation
  15. How to Afford an End of the Year Vacation
  16. National Fresh Spinach Day – Visit a local farm.
  17. Cord Blood Awareness Month
  18. National Parks Month – Share your favorite state parks.
  19. National Picnic Month
  20. How to Pack for a Picnic
  21. Perfect Wines for a Picnic
  22. Unusual Foods for a Picnic
  23. How to Recover or Bounce Back from a Bust Summer Vacation
  24. Ask Your Children for Their Favorite Summer Memory
  25. Count How Many Days Until School Starts
  26. Aunt and Uncle Day – Share your favorite family memory.
  27. July Wedding/Anniversary Gifts
  28. Favorite Summer Sports
  29. National Lasagna Day
  30. Is There Still Time to Find a Summer Job?
  31. Back to School Tax-Free Shopping Days by State

Travel is a popular topic every summer since school is out. Get a jump start on your travel calendar, by pitching a travel review.

Pitch a Travel Review
Get a jump on next year for December and January. See 31 Blog Post Prompts for the New Year.

Blog Post Prompts

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