28 Sep How to Become a Blogging Conference Speaker

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For influencers, blogging conferences and social media events are opportunities to connect with their colleagues, meet marketing representatives and build their skills.  Our past blogging conference speaker selection has included members of our network and international social media professionals. How can you become a presenter at a blogging conference or digital media event? We’ve got list of recommendations to get you started.

How to Become a Blogging Conference Speaker

1. Join influencers networks and professional organizations.  These are key groups that host conferences and events, then seek speakers or presenters on topics. Keep up to date on their annual conference and local in-person events.

2. Meet the call for speakers application deadline. Applications may include letters of recommendation,  sample blog posts or featured media interviews, your bio and a headshot. A blogging conference speaker application is not the time to be shy or humble.

When you submit your pitch, be clear on why you’re an expert on a particular topic.

  • Did your blog post or Pinterest share go viral?
  • Did you land a major media interview?
  • Who is the intended audience for your presentation?
  • What level of professional would benefit?
  • Is there pre-work attendees should compete before the conference?
  • What will be the clear take away?

Even if you’re relatively new to blogging, you can present at a conference. Share your story of how you launched or grew your blog from Day 1 to Day 100. Share a connection to your past professional experience and blogging.

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3. Know your stuff.  While you’re waiting to hear back on your application, make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest news for your presentation topics. Double check your facts. Set up Google alerts or regularly search for your topic’s keyword (ex. Pinterest) under> Google > News.

Master Collaborations, Do-It-Yourself PR and Pinterest: #NicheParent14 Speaker Spotlight ~ TheNicheParent.com

4. Get prepared.  Your application is approved! You’re set to present on your expert topic. Now the real work begins. Prepare your PowerPoint presentation, exercises and handouts. The host organization and conference will set additional deadlines to submit this work before the event.

5. Practice. Stand in front of your spouse, friends or children and run through your blogging conference presentation. Time yourself. Make sure you fill your allotted time without going over. Leave room for questions.

6. Reminder: Announce that you’re speaking! Tell your blogging network and audience that you’re speaking at an upcoming event. Write a blog post announcement. Provide sample tweets or Facebook shares with the event image and your headshot.

Featured Blogging Conference Speaker

Comment below: Is there a topic you can envision yourself presenting on at a blogging conference?

See the list of speakers for our past blogging conferences and social media events:




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