03 Nov 8 Ways to Get Paid to Tweet

Twitter held off until 2010 to monetize the microblogging platform. Since then, promoted tweets from brands and businesses have been mixed into your newsfeed every day. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian reportedly get paid more than $10K to send a single tweet to her their millions of Twitter followers. As a digital influencer, how can you get paid to tweet?

Before we get to how to get paid, let’s talk about whether you should consider paid Twitter opportunities. Answer these questions:

Are you an influencer?

A 280 character tweet, up from 140, can have influence and reach, but first it has to be read. Bloggers with as little as 1,000 Twitter followers can get paid to Tweet. With more, your chances and rates are even better. Bloggers are compensated because of their influence so a strong audience and an authentic audience is key.

What sort of content will you promote? 
Accept tweets that fit your niche. For example, a deal saving blogger may want to send a sponsored tweet for a money saving app vs. a high, end designer clothing line. Often times, their tweets may be to promote deals offered by affiliate partners. A small commission is earned when their followers make a purchase.

What will my Twitter feed look like?

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on sponsored content require you to use the #ad hashtag in your sponsored tweets. Do you want a Twitter feed full of sponsored work or original content? What is a healthy balance for your Twitter presence?

If you’re comfortable answering those questions, let’s move on to getting paid to tweet.

8 Ways to Get Paid to Tweet8 Ways to Get Paid to Tweet

1. Tweet affiliate and referral links, along with affiliate posts.

A referral or affiliate link earns you a commission when someone clicks them, makes a purchase or takes an action. Schedule tweets to share promo or discount codes to your followers. For example, summer is a big travel season and you can tweet a promo code to Groupon or a travel site.

Promote your evergreen or timely posts on Twitter that include affiliate links.

2. Offer additional tweets for a review or sponsored campaign.

When a brand or PR representative reaches out for an opportunity to work with you, ask if they’re working to build their Twitter following, Ask if they’d like an additional 5-10 tweets of your post, spread out over a week or a month that tag the brand. Negotiate a fair rate based on your Twitter following.

3. Find a Twitter gig on Fiverr.com.

You can find everything from graphic designers to voiceover artists on Fiverr who perform a gig or an action for $5. There are also Twitter opportunities to write and promote tweets. You can make more than $5 each time by offering upgraded services: deliver your tweets within 24 hours, craft large batches of tweets, etc.

4. Apply for Twitter campaigns.

The Network Niche provides influencers an array of opportunities to work with brands on blog posts, Instagram and Twitter campaigns. Make sure you sign up for the The Network  and you’ll get an alert when there’s a good fit for you.

5. Host a Twitter Party or Twitter Chat.

A 30-90 minute Twitter event can drive awareness to a cause or campaign. Let PR representatives know you can host a Twitter event on their behalf. Bring in other influencers on the campaign to expand your reach. We also look for Twitter event co-hosts. Look to your blogging tribe or blogger connections for opportunities.

8 Ways to Get Paid to Tweet ~ TheNicheParent.com

6. Manage a Twitter account for a client.

You’d be amazed at how many brands and businesses are intimidated by sending 140 characters into the Twitterverse.  You can manage their Twitter account by scheduling tweets ahead of time with Hootsuite.com for the brand or business to approve them before they’re sent.

Reply to customer concerns or questions on their Twitter account.

7. Create a Twitter follower campaign.

Strategically follow accounts that are in a client’s niche and unfolllow dormant accounts.

8.  Sign up for a Twitter ad agency like Sponsored Tweets.

You get paid to tweet about brands and businesses you choose. Approve the ad and link provided along with the #ad hashtag. Sponsored Tweet also offers a referral link where you can get paid when other influencers join their network.

Comment below: Have you been hired to work on Twitter campaigns or manage Twitter accounts? What do you like/dislike about the bigger, bolder Twitter layout?

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