03 Aug How to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Periscope

Blog Content for Periscope

Have you noticed that your Twitter feed is filled with more links to watch users’ content on Periscope? Several of our community members were early adopters on the video streaming app that’s less than a year old. They’re participating in weekly and group “scopes” so their content gets maximum exposure. Here are some simple ways to promote your live periscope events. Another Periscope trend  is for influencers to repurpose their blog’s content to stream it live and share it with a new audience. Check out the suggestions below and share!

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Periscope

Promote your list-building freebie.

Marketers and content creators are driving more Periscope viewers to join their email list. Explain what your free download or freebie is in a series of Periscopes. Although you can’t add links to your scope, flip your mobile device’s camera around to display your computer screen with your blog or list page visible. Another quick tip: create a shortened URL, write it on a postcard and hold it up during your Periscope.

Revisit your webinars and podcasts.

Remember the webinar you hosted in the past that was chock full of useful nuggets? Select a few key points and explore them in your next Periscope event.

Promote your past podcasts and upcoming ones on Periscope. You can learn even more useful marketing information on these Best Podcasts for Bloggers of all Niches.

Promote your most popular blog post.

At first, I wasn’t too keen on Periscope because I wasn’t sure how it would drive traffic to my blog or my clients’ content. But more influencers are finding ways to showcase their expertise on Periscope. Review your most popular blog post, then tell your Periscope viewers where to find it. Depending on your blog’s theme settings you can move an old post to the top of your site, post it at the top of your Facebook page or your Twitter profile.

Invite users to your next event.

Are you hosting or attending an event your audience can join in? Tell your Periscope audience about it, especially if it has an open invitation.

Dust off your video blog.

If your content was good enough for YouTube, your video topic is a good enough for Periscope.

Since Periscopes are only viewable for 24 hours consider repurposing it, as well. Save the video to your mobile device, then upload it to YouTube in its entirely or edit it down. Keep in mind there will be black bars on the sides since Periscope is only viewable vertically.

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Comment below: Have you jumped on the Periscope bandwagon? What content are you noticing that’s most popular on the video streaming app? What topics can you repurpose from your blog to feature in an upcoming Periscope event?

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