08 Jul How to Promote Your Live Periscope Events

Live Periscope Events

In March 2015, Twitter launched Persicope which it acquired the month before. Since then Periscope has been on fire. Bloggers, marketers and even rock stars like John Mayer are broadcasting live from their mobile devices with the Periscope app. Although Meerkat is a lofty competitor to Periscope, its streamed content is not viewable once the stream is over. With Periscope it can be viewed up to 24 hours later and can also be saved to your device. While Meerkat allows users to schedule their live broadcasts, Periscope takes a little more work. How can you promote your live Periscope events?  Try these creative ways that are bound to increase your engagement.

Use your Twitter profile.

Since your Twitter profile is connected to your Periscope account, maximize that connection. Update your Twitter profile with the time of your next “Scope” (the noun that describes your live stream). If you decide to scope regularly on Thursdays at 12 noon EST, add that to your Twitter profile. Make it part of your Twitter Strategy to Gain More Followers. Once you’re live, Twitter will automatically tweet the title of your broadcast to your Twitter followers.

Schedule countdown tweets to your next Scope.

Use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or your favorite scheduling app to schedule tweets counting down until your next Scope. For example, “Join me on Periscope at 12 noon EST for a look at my trip to New York covering an event.”

Announce your Scope in your e-newsletter.

Tell your subscribers that you’re on Periscope, when you plan to Scope and how often.

Announce your next Scope on Facebook.

We share everything else there, so why not invite your Facebook friends and fans to watch your next Scope. Encourage them to bring their questions and use the chat feature on the app to engage with your live.

Ask viewers to invite friends.

The Periscope app allows viewers to easily invite their friends to watch Scopes they’d be interested in. During your Scope, remind your audience to tell a friend.

Periscope Community Summit

This streaming app has already sparked an innovative event in New York.  Periscope Summit (New York Scope Week) is September 22-25, 2015 in and around Manhattan’s New World Stages. Among the speakers are Niche Parent Community Member and Niche Parent Conference Presenter Lizza Morales. Other speakers are coming from as far away as the United Kingdom to take part.

“New York Scope Week will be the ideal place for bloggers and industry influencers looking to adopt livestreaming into their branding mix to connect with top leaders in the live streaming world, as well as with brands that are looking to connect with audiences on this platform,” said Cathy Hackl, social media strategist and director of New York Scope Week. “You can’t afford to miss this event if you are serious about bringing your blog’s message or your brand into live mobile broadcasting, because, like with any new social platform, early adopters of Periscope will have the strategic advantage.”

Comment below: Why do you think Periscope has grown so fast and gained so many users? How are you using Periscope to engage with your community?

Joyce Brewer

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