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16 Jun What is a Verified Facebook Fan Page?

There’s been a lot of discussion in influencer groups about whether influencers should follow the steps of brands and celebrities to get their Facebook fan pages verified.  A verified Facebook allows the owner to get a little blue check next to the fan page’s name. How can this benefit you or your audience?  What are the steps and resources you need to verify it yourself? Is it something you can trust a virtual assistant to do? We break down what it means to get your blog’s Facebook page verified and what it means for your credibility.

What is a Verified Facebook Fan Page?

Shakira Facebook Page

Fan Page Credibility

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake fan pages out there. Just use the Google search bar to look for the name of your favorite celebrity. You’ll find dozens of fan pages bearing their names and purporting to be them. Many celebs aren’t even on Facebook. They choose to engage with fans on Twitter or Instagram instead.

Once your fan page is verified your page will get the official blue check mark. Brand and fans will know you are legitimate and not a duplicate or copy page.


Verified Facebook Page

Branded Content Tool

Facebook launched the Branded Content tool that requires verified fan pages to tag their sponsored content or partnered posts with brands. You can read the rules for the Branded Content disclosures.

If Facebook notices your page does not tag a brand on a post, you will get a notification to remind you. Facebook sees this as an opportunity for brands and influencers to work together and engage more. When you tag a brand for a partnered post it will say your page is “with” the brand name. Ex. For our recent McDonald’s campaign for #McPick2, posts from influencers with verified Facebook fan pages would say they are with McDonalds.


Mama Knows It All Facebook Page


California Parenting Blogger, Brandi Riley, verified her Mama Knows It All Facebook page this summer and says using the Branded Content tool for sponsored content has major benefits. She added, ” The brand is able to see when I publish, track analytics, and even boost the post without any work on my part. I believe it makes our partnership stronger, and allows me to be more transparent with my reach.”

Fashion Blogger, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, verified her personal and fan pages more than a year ago to protect her online identity. “For me, it was a matter of protecting my brand. Ive been verified on my pages for over a year now and have had to shut down pages using my logos, name, etc…”

Marie Denee

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Facebook Mentions App

Only verified fan pages can use the Facebook Mentions App.

You can go live from your fan page, share content directly to Instagram and Twitter. and see trends in one place.

Facebook Mentions


See additional rules and ways celebrities use the app on the Facebook Mentions fan page.

What is a Verified Facebook Fan Page

How to Verify a Facebook Page

Getting your Facebook page verified requires a fan page, identification to verify who you are and as little as 48 hours to confirm.

Here are Facebook’s directions to verify your page.

Awesomely Luvvie’s Tech blog also shows a step-by-step way to verify your Facebook fan page.

Inc.com has  10 Steps to Get Verified on Facebook.

Comment below: Have you noticed other influencers who worked to get their fan pages verified? Is it something you’d like to do? What’s holding you back?

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