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24 Nov 31 Winter Travel Blog Post Ideas

As the temperature dips, so do travel prices. For families on a budget winter travel makes a lot of sense compared to the summer season. For 2015, AAA estimates almost 47 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home for Thanksgiving.  How can you help your audience escape the cold winter and head to warmer weather? Here are 31 Winter Travel Blog Post Ideas that can help you create plenty of travel related content.


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31 Winter Travel Blog Post Ideas

Start it on the first of the month for 31 days of focused content or pick and choose what fits your editorial calendar.

  1. Winter travel with pets
  2. Hotel reservations vs. AirBnB
  3. Ways to save on winter travel
  4. Best airports for traveling with children
  5. Student travel for winter break advice
  6. How to make the most of an airport layover
  7. Should you use a travel agent vs. travel website?
  8. Favorite/Worst winter travel memory
  9. Warmest cities to visit in the winter
  10. How to adjust to changing climates when you travel
  11. Getting sick/the flu on vacation (visit the CDC website to track flu trends and get travel advice.)
  12. Winter road trip tips
  13. Winterize your car for road trips
  14. Emergency travel supplies list
  15. Best apps for winter travel
  16. Best weather apps
  17. Best travel apps
  18. Best/Worst airports for Winter Travel (ex. Chicago’s O’Hare airport has almost half of its winter flights delayed due to weather.)
  19. Best places in Europe to travel in the winter
  20. Best places in the Caribbean to travel in the winter
  21. Best cities to visit in the winter
  22. Best winter cruises
  23. Best national parks to visit in the winter
  24. Celebrating Christmas away from home
  25. Celebrating Christmas at Disney World or Disney Land
  26. Winter cruise dos/don’ts
  27. How to pack light with winter clothes
  28. Winter wardrobe packing list
  29. How to pack for winter travel with a carry-on
  30. Secrets from a travel agent (interview a travel agent for tips)
  31. Best winter travel magazines

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Comment below: What type of travel content resonates with your audience? Have you ever had a travel post go viral?

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