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10 Dec 5 Ways to Write Blog Posts Faster

5 Ways to Write Blog Posts Faster ~ TheNicheParent.com

The time will come when your editorial calendar is full and you feel like there’s not enough time to create content for your blog. Sponsored post deadlines are looming. Your review items need attention. As busy parents, you don’t want to lose sleep in the pursuit of blogging by pulling an “all nighter” like you did back in college. What can you do? You’ll want to implement these 5 Ways to Write Blog Posts Faster.

1. Use the WordPress or Blogger App

All good things have gone mobile!

Create blog posts while you’re on the go, in bed or waiting in line or anytime the mood strikes thanks to the WordPress mobile app.

Use your WordPress id and password to login to your dashboard, add images and links, then you’re ready to publish.

Wordpress App

2. Create a blog post template.
Keep it simple by following a template/outline for every type of content you create whether it’s product reviews, recipes, tutorials, sponsored posts or personal content.

Designate the areas in your blog posts to feature a pinnable image, links to follow a brand, video and audio elements, as well as downloads or email sign up links.

Keep these templates in a Word document, Google document or Evernote file you can access easily.

3. Use audio to text technology.
Your content can be even more conversational by using audio to text apps and sites.

Speak into your microphone on your mobile device and these tools automatically turn your voice into words that you can copy and paste into a blog post.

Popular audio to text apps sites include Transcribe.com, as well as the Drag Dictation and Voice Assistant apps in the iTunes store.

You can also use these mobile podcasting apps for creating audio content on the go, transcribe it and create a blog post.

Mobile Podcasting Apps for iPad and iPhone ~ TheNicheParent.com

4. Write a blog series.

A blog series is the ideal way to write blog posts faster. For recipe bloggers who create special occasion meal posts – break them down into appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks.

If you interview an expert you don’t have to put all of their nuggets of information into one blog post. Break it apart into sections or themes.

Before you know it, you’ve created content quickly that you can link together on your blog which keeps your audience on your site longer.

Have you ever written a blog post series? Did it change the way your audience engaged with your content?

5. Keep a list.

Stay on track by creating a list of

  • blog post topics
  • catchy headlines
  • relevant news articles

You can also keep your list handy with the Evernote app or a Google document.

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