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19 Feb 6 Reasons to Hire a Blog Coach

Wondering if hiring a blog coach is a good idea?

This question may come up as you set new blogging goals or if you’re in a blogging slump. If your blog’s traffic has stalled, or your social media channels aren’t growing, or if you’re just not sure how to work with brands, hiring a blog coach may be a good idea.  Keep reading for insight on where to find a blogging coach, as well as the typical results you can expect in “6 Reasons to Hire a Blog Coach.”

6 Reasons to Hire a Blog Coach6 Reasons to Hire a Blog Coach

1. You’re NOT getting the same opportunities to work with brands or attend events – as your colleagues. This is not about “jealousy” or admiration. You’re looking for growth and opportunities for your blog, but they’re just not coming. A blogging coach can give you an objective critique that can show you why you may not be getting selected. Remember to formally join The Network Niche blogging community for sponsored opportunities and events.

2. You set blogging goals and rarely achieve them. This is a sign that you need action items and tasks to tackle. Once your coach gives you direction and a to-do list, consider going to to hire an assistant or researcher. They can complete tasks and projects for as little as $5. Be sure to read the reviews before you hire someone.

3. Your traffic, subscribers and followers are stagnant. A blog coach can recommend ways to grow your following genuinely without buying followers or hosting non-stop giveaways. An experienced coach will help you identify your core audience, serve them and showcase your expertise.

4. You need connections. Blog Coaches have connections to other resources you need to raise your blogging profile, like public relations specialists and blog designers.

5. Blogging groups are not helping you grow. Although groups can be extremely beneficial for new bloggers to learn tips about promoting your posts of getting access to sponsored posts.

6. You’d like to become a blog coach.  If your friends and family members ask you a lot of questions about blogging, but you don’t feel comfortable coaching them (yet), a blogging coach can give you guidance on the direction you can take. Many experienced bloggers create a separate site to separate their creative content and blogging expertise.

If you’re worried about the expense of one-on-one coaching, see if your ideal blogging coach or mentor sells an e-book. If they offer an e-course you can take online, you’ll have the ability to progress at your own pace. Your coach may also host a mastermind group or offer group coaching.

If you’re ready to get started with a blog coach, The Network Niche’s CEO Nadia Jones often coaches bloggers in interactive one-on-one sessions. Email Nadia (at) TheNetworkNiche.Com to learn how she can help you!


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