08 Jun Media Interviews for Bloggers: Show Your Expertise & Weigh In on Hot Topics

There’s a trend you’ll see in newspapers, radio shows and even major media outlets like HLN and CNN. They’re all interviewing bloggers! Major media organizations consider bloggers experts and they also reach out for bloggers to weigh-in on the hottest topics.  Below you’ll read several examples of Niche Parent Community members who landed media interviews without an agent or PR representative. As a journalist, I’ll share how you can pitch yourself on social media.

Media Interviews for Bloggers

Media Interviews for Bloggers

Sign up with HARO, Help a Reporter Out, for media interviews. It’s a go-to source for journalists around the country to find people to interview. You’ll receive three emails a day with inquiries on everything from parenting to technology. Reply to the journalists if you’re a good fit. Several talk shows like Dr. Oz and even the Today Show look for people to interview through HARO.

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Respond quickly. Learn to scan your email for inquiries from journalists and TV producers. Those need your immediate attention because they’re on a deadline. For TV interviews especially, you may only get a few hours notice.

Be controversial and trendy. The morning I saw the Baltimore Mom video making headlines for pulling her son away from the riots, I knew it would be a trending topic. So I created a two-minute YouTube video with my thoughts on the topic. Uploaded it and tweeted it several times with the trending hashtags, #BaltimoreMom and #BaltmoreRiots. I prioritized getting the video out on Twitter because that’s where the most conversations were going on, then I wrote a complete blog post and embedded the video. By 9 p.m. that night, my video was used in a CNN CNN story about the Baltimore Mom and by the next day I was interviewed on HLN’s “The Daily Share” for my opinion.



Be social. Follow and retweet journalists, as well as talk show hosts. I created several Twitter lists with media professionals I can check on. I like to see what they’re sharing. Also, journalists and talk shows tweet their queries and request for interviews occasionally. You never knew when they’ll tweet something you’re a great fit for!

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Be an expert. Christine St. Vil from Moms N Charge frequently appears on local news in Baltimore, Maryland market to share time-saving tips and fun ideas for parents.


Christine St. Vil shared, “Having a great product like a book with great topics you can pull from is a strong marketing tool, and it was for my sister and I. We did a ton a media interviews both TV and radio when our book first launched. It was timely and catchy. But even before the book launch, I did some local cable TV interviews as well as a bunch of podcast interviews. I also did some pitching with HARO which is how I got the opportunity to be on both Dr. Oz and The Chew.”

Share your interviews. These interviews are the cornerstones of building your credibility as a blogger and brand. Tell your audience to tune in and watch your appearances. Blog about them and add them to your media kit.

Comment below: Do you have more questions about media interviews? Do you have an idea you’d like to pitch to a local TV station or newspaper?

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