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13 Jun See Samples of Multi-Page Media Kits

As your blog, your reach and your audience grows, you may find it time to create a multi-page media kit. You may recall we shared One Page Media Kit Samples which can provide a marketing representative with brief snapshot of your work. For even more insigh,t here are examples of multi-page media kits with two or more pages, along with insight from bloggers on what’s important to include in them.

Mrs. Tee Media Kit Page 1

Mrs. Tee Page 2 Media Kit

Mrs Tee Media Kit

Sponsorship Rates

Tiffany Haywood blogs as Her three page media kit includes her brand relationships and sponsorship rates. “I actually have both a Single Page and Multi-Page Option. I usually send the Multi-Page directly to PR and Brand Reps who need more detailed information regarding prices and post information. I post the Single Page to my Blog and Consultation Sites.”

You’ll notice her media kit also includes logos from the national brands she’s worked with on her blog.


Media Kits

Blog Demographics

A two or three page media kit can also provide insight on your audience demographics. Anitra Elmore blogs as The Mama Zone where her multi-page Media Kit is posted. It includes her blog statistics as well we demographics for her audience. From her perspective, “I feel like sending a kit with all of the information upfront is a more efficient way of doing things and eliminates an extra step.”

Marketing representatives also choose influencers based on location, so be sure to include your city and state in media kits.

If you’re a member of state or local social media groups, include those affiliations too.


Mama Zone Media Kit Page 1

Mama Zone Media Kit Page 2


The length and style of your media kit is a matter of choice. There’s no right or wrong way to design it. Herchel Scruggs from found a way to include much of the relevant information a brand or marketing representative would want to know on a one page media kit. Her blog’s traffic has improved in the last year and she plans to create a “Work with Me” page.


Gym Craft Laundry Media Kit

Press Appearances

Did your opinions in a post go viral or were you featured in a commercial for a major brand? These are great opportunities to feature on pages of your media kit.

Many of the multicultural influencers in our network  Media Interviews for Bloggers: Show Your Expertise and Weigh In on Hot Topics

Our influencers are also hired to represent brands in the media including appearances on Good Morning America on behalf of HP.


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Twitter Party Trends

Twitter Party Hosts

Our network hires influencers as Twitter Party Hosts for brand campaigns. If you are an experienced Twitter Party host or have a large Twitter following, include this in your multi-page media kit with rates for hosting.

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Comment below: At what point in your blogging career did you design or expand your media kit? How often do you update your reach and your rates for sponsorship?

One Page Media Kit


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