08 Apr Where to Find PR Contact Information to Send a Pitch

Think about your “dream partnership” with your favorite brand. You already use their products around your home or office. You may have already mentioned them on Twitter or your blog. The only problem is – you have no formal relationship with them and don’t know how to contact them. With just a few minutes of searching online, you can find the PR or marketing representative to start the conversation and send your pitch. Here are some key places to find PR contact information to send your pitch with special attention from Google and LinkedIn.


Google Search

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In your Google search bar type: “BRAND NAME” and PRESS RELEASE.

A PR representative’s name, email and phone number will likely be listed on the latest press release.

Use Google again to search for this person’s name to see if they’re still listed on the agency’s website as an employee.

Brand’s Press Page

A brand that’s had notable media attention usually puts those highlights on one page. Look around and see if the PR or marketing agency representing them is listed for journalists and bloggers to contact.

Contact Page

Some influencers consider going directly through the brand’s main contact page as a last resort. Yes, your email may get lost in the thousands of messages sent from regular customers every day. But it may also find the proper person who can help connect you with the PR representative or marketing rep who is a decision maker.



Explore the company’s LinkedIn page and look for a marketing or public relations person listed. This won’t be as helpful if they use an outside agency, but if the brand’s marketing is handled in-house,  the appropriate person’s name will show up. Now that you have a name, in your Google search bar enter: “REP’S NAME”  “press release” or “email address” and their contact could show up in search.

Upgraded paid versions of LinkedIn allow you to “Inmail” people with whom you don’t have a direct connection.


You should never underestimate the power of Twitter. Tweeting a brand and asking how to connect is a professional way and not uncommon. Often if you ask a brand to follow you back in order to DM them, they will put you in touch with the proper person.

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Advertising & PR Agency Client List

Large advertising and PR agencies often have a client page with the logos listed for brands they represent. Bookmark the client pages to stay up to date.

PR Contact Information


Comment below: What’s helped you find the PR contact information to send a pitch? Do you keep a database of contact information for PR representatives you’ve worked with in this past? When they move to another agency or branch out on their own, do you stay in touch?

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  • Winona Rogers
    Posted at 07:53h, 15 April

    Twitter and Facebook have been great tools when reaching out to brands . It seems the reply back is faster and then of course we exchange email. In some cases, they will forward your contact to the correct agency.