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31 Jan How to Monetize Your Blog with an ECourse

One of the most popular ways for professional bloggers to make money is by selling products and services. Fashion bloggers may sell a course on organizing your closet. Food bloggers may sell their own recipes or are affiliates for popular cooking tools. Have you considered offering a course learners can take at their own pace? An Ecourse frees up your time so you’re not working one-on-one with clients and can sell the same product over and over.  We’ll walk you through some of the ways you can create and promote an Ecourse your readers will love.


Start Coaching and Consulting

What are the most popular questions your clients or readers ask? What are they struggling to do?

By coaching and consulting a limited number of clients, you can get to the heart of those questions. Then use the answers and solutions to create a Ecourse delivered electronically.

Community Member Cee Lee Reed is expanding beyond her parenting blog to coaching other bloggers: “I’ve set a lofty goal of working with 1000 women this year and without an Ecourse this wouldn’t be possible. Ecourses allow me to bundle my skills and expertise into a standardized package that my readers can use to learn on their own time and pace.  They benefit from my knowledge without having to wait for a face to face appointment. If their schedule only allows for a midnight lesson while feeding baby, the Ecourse is always available.”

Create a Landing Page

Use a sales page to convince buyers to sign up for the launch of your course. This should be a stand alone page with a general idea of what the course offers, how long it takes, the cost and the results learners can expect.

Write Related Blog Posts

You’re already an expert on the topic you’re covering in an Ecourse and may have previous blog posts about it. Update and re-purpose those blog posts. Add links to your landing page to gain more sales for the course.

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Host a Webinar or Live Event

Give learners a preview of what you’re offering in the Ecourse by hosting alive webinar.

Facebook Live, Periscope and now even Instagram Live allow you to stream to your audience for free.

Paid tools like GoToWebinar or AnyMeeting allow you to capture email addresses and send follow-up promotions.

You can weigh the benefits of each, then device what best fits your needs.

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Offer Subscribers a Discount

For your devoted subscribers, offer them first access to your Ecourse and a discount for them to enroll.

This is a wonderful way to add value to the people on your list. They’ll know what when you offer something helpful, they’ll get VIP treatment.

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What area of your expertise would be ideal to present in an Ecourse?

If you teach an Ecourse, leave a link below in the comments.


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