16 Nov How to Easily Promote Your Thanksgiving Content

This is the time of year when your audience will look for help planning their Thanksgiving meals and trips to see family. Relatives are flying in from all over the country. Children need crafts and tasks to keep busy while Thanksgiving dinner is in the oven.  Here are some ways to promote your Thanksgiving content by re-purposing it and creating timely posts for the holiday season.

How to Easily Promote Your Thanksgiving Content

Re-purpose and republish old posts. Go back through your archives for Thanksgiving and holiday related content you created in the past.

Repurpose it by promoting the posts on Twitter or host Periscope event. Recreate a tutorial or recipe live on Twitter and remind viewers were to find the complete instructions on your blog.

Republish old posts in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, so your subscribers and new followers will see content in their feeds.

Go back and optimize past Thanksgiving posts for search. Add new blog post tags. Consider targeting new keywords for SEO purposes.

Highlight your recipe, craft and travel blog posts on your blog. If your blog’s theme allows, move those categories to the top of your home page so they’re easy to find.  Replace a banner ad or affiliate ad on your blog’s sidebar with featured images of your Thanksgiving content.

Collaborate with other bloggers. Ask your blogging tribe and fellow content creators to add their Thanksgiving themed content to a roundup or linky on your blog. Create a collaborative Pinterest Board for holiday dishes, decorations or crafts.

Prepare your Thanksgiving dinner weeks ahead of time. Your family may not mind when you make a full Thanksgiving dinner the first week of November to share table decoration ideas, side dishes and recipes that you need to photograph. These photos are great to share on Instagram ahead of the holiday.

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Revisit your contact list handy for brands you’ve worked with in the past for Thanksgiving. Follow up with your PR contacts from prior Thanksgiving campaigns about opportunities to collaborate this season. Remind them you’re available to create Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa content as well.

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Create a local event guide for Thanksgiving week. Families are looking for ways to stay busy Thanksgiving week since school is out and there will be relatives visiting. Organize a blog post of suggestions on after-dinner activities, as well as exhibits and parks that will be open during the week.

Comment below: What’s worked for you to prepare your blog for Thanksgiving or holiday seasons?

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