12 Jan How to Get Over Your Fear of Video Blogging

Video Blogging

As bloggers and content creators, we’re typically more comfortable behind the safety of our keyboards and computer screens. That’s not going to cut it going forward in the digital landscape. Bloggers are experts. Nothing demonstrates your expertise like the ability to share your knowledge on-camera in a video. José Sánchez from Piccolo Mondo PR presented on the importance of creating video content at the #NicheParent14 conference and challenged attendees to create a video during this session. Have you created another video since the conference? Is your YouTube channel collecting cobwebs from the lack of new content? Here’s How to Get Over Your Fear of Video Blogging to help you get back in the saddle.

Video Blogging

Think about the traffic. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it’s owned by Google. The YouTube videos you create will rank higher in the search engines and help drive traffic to your blog.

Start small. If you’re worried about rambling too much when you talk on-camera in your video, keep it simple. Create an Instagram (15 seconds maximum) or Vine (six seconds maximum) video where you open a product or show the results. Earlier this year we featured: How to be an Instant Instagram Star with even more insight.

How to Become an Instant Instagram Star ~ TheNicheParent.com

Use what you have. Your smartphone and even digital still cameras have the ability to capture high definition video. More and more professional videographers are using DSLR cameras to record their video projects. Upload your videos directly from your smartphone with the YouTube app. Consider investing in editing software, a lighting kit and camcorder with a microphone input to make your videos look even more professional.

Brands are hiring video bloggers. Brands see how YouTube is creating instant stars and want to be part of the trend. Michelle Phan grew her makeup YouTube channel into relationship with Lancôme, a monthly beauty subscription service, her own cosmetics line with L’Oreal and a book:“Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off.” All of the opportunities came because she shared her love for makeup on YouTube!

YouTube subscribers are becoming increasingly important. When a brand knows you have YouTube subscribers who want your video content in their inbox, it peaks their interest. Facebook constantly changes its algorithm so it’s harder to get engagement there. But email subscribers are a sure thing. People open their email!

Go viral. Think about the videos you see that are shared on Facebook and other social media. One person created it, but many more are sharing it.

Twitter and Facebook are investing in video. Facebook recently acquired video startup network, QuickFire Networks, and has seen an enormous growth in video shares.  Twitter plans to announce a new video offering early in 2015. Video blogging is about to be even bigger this year.

Comment below: What are the excuses you use about making videos?

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